24/7 Crisis Help

 List of Hotlines–1-800 Phone Numbers and Websites

U.S. Only for Phone Numbers

(Updated January 19, 2014)

Mostly, these are organizations and ministries that are there when life gets challenging.  Use these phone numbers wisely, and I would encourage you to pray for those who are counseling you.  Also, I am not able to check each number.  These numbers are to be used with some precaution as a result. They may change without notice.

This list isn’t complete yet.  If you have a contact that isn’t here, please email me that information.  I’m Bryan Lowe at flash99603@hotmail.com.

In general, these hotlines have three things in common:

1) they are available to call 24/7 in the USA
2) they are 100% confidential
3) they are free

Here’s a list of hotlines that may help you in whatever situation you find yourself in.

If you are faced with a medical emergency, please dial 9-1-1.

If you are contemplating suicide, please call 911.

  • 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or TTY 1-800-799-4TTY (4889)
  • Red Nacional de Prevencion del Suicidio 1-888-628-9454
  • Veterans Suicide Prevention: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) and press 1
  • Suicide Hotline Listings by State

Christian Counseling Services-General

  • General needs 1-888-NEEDHIM
  • Prayer and General Counseling www.prayerandhope.org, 1-866-599-2264
  • New Life Clinics 1-800-NEW-LIFE
  • National Prayer Line 1-800-4-PRAYER
  • Bethany Lifeline Pregnancy Hotline 1-800-BETHANY
  • Liberty Godparent Ministry 1-800-368-3336
  • The 700 Club Hotline 1-800-759-0700
  • Want to know Jesus? 1-888-NEED-HIM
  • Biblical help for youth in crisis 1-800-HIT-HOME
  • Rapha National Network 1-800-383-HOPE
  • Emerge Ministries 330-867-5603
  • Meier Clinics 1-888-7-CLINIC or 1-888-725-4642
  • Association of Christian Counselors 1-800-526-8673
  • Minirth Clinic 1-888-MINIRTH (646-4784)
  • National Christian Counselors Association 1-941-388-6868
  • Pine Rest 1-800-678-5500
  • Timberline Knolls 1-877-257-9611


  • Post Abortion Counseling 1-800-228-0332
  • Post Abortion Project Rachel 1-800-5WE-CARE
  • National Abortion Federation Hotline 1-800-772-9100
  • National Office of Post Abortion Trauma 1-800-593-2273


  • National Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-HOPE (4673)
  • Stop it Now! 1-888-PREVENT
  • United States Elder Abuse Hotline 1-866-363-4276
  • National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-4-A-CHILD (422-4453)
  • Child Abuse Hotline / Dept of Social Services 1-800-342-3720
  • Child Abuse National Hotline 1-800-25ABUSE
  • Children in immediate danger 1-800-THE-LOST
  • Exploitation of Children 1-800-843-5678
  • Missing Children Help Center, Thursday’s Child, 1-800-USA-KIDS
  • http://www.ThursdaysChild.org

Alcohol and Drug Helpline – Provides referrals to local facilities where adolescents and adults can seek help. Brief intervention. 1-800-821-4357

  • Marijuana Anonymous 1-800-766-6779
  • Alcohol Treatment Referral Hotline (24 hours) 1-800-252-6465
  • Families Anonymous 1-800-736-9805
  • Cocaine Hotline (24 hours) 1-800-262-2463
  • Cocaine National Hotline 1-800-COCAINE
  • Drug Abuse National Helpline 1-800-662-4357
  • National Association for Children of Alcoholics 1-888-554-2627
  • Ecstasy Addiction 1-800-468-6933
  • Christians in Recovery His Mansion 1-603-464-5555
  • Alcoholics for Christ 1-800-441-7877

Battered Women



  • American Cancer Society 1-800-227-2345
  • National Cancer Institute 1-800-422-6237
  • Cancer Information Service: 800-422-6237
  • http://www.cancer.org


  • Elder Care Locator 1-800-677-1116
  • Well Spouse Foundation 1-800-838-0879

Child Abuse

  • Child Abuse National Hotline, call 1-800-252-2873, 1-800-25ABUSE
  • Child Abuse: To report call 1-800-4-A-CHILD
  • Children in immediate risk or danger 1-800-THE-LOST
  • CyberTipline for reporting the exploitation of children, 1-800-843-5678
  • Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline Call 1-800-422-4453 (24/7)
  • National Safe Place  Text SAFE and your current location to the number 69866 (24/7)

Chronic Illness/Chronic Pain

  • Rest Ministries, 858-486-4685 (also msg)
  • Watchman Fellowship 1-817-277-0023

Crisis Numbers for Teens (Under 18)

  • Girls and Boys town 1-800-448-3000
  • Hearing Impaired 1-800-448-1833
  • Youth Crisis Hotline 1-800-448-4663
  • Teen Hope Line 1-800-394-HOPE

Crisis Numbers for Help (Any age)

  • United Way Crisis Helpline 1-800-233-HELP
  • Covenant House Hotline: 800-999-9999
  • Christian Oriented Hotline 1-877-949-HELP
  • Social Security Administration 1-800-772-1213

Crisis Pregnancy Helpline

  • Crisis Pregnancy Hotline Number 1-800-67-BABY-6
  • Liberty Godparent Ministry 1-800-368-3336

Cult Information

  • Cult Hotline (Mercy House) 606-748-9961


  • SAFE (Self-Abuse Finally Ends) 1-800-DONT-CUT, 1-800-366-8288


  • National Suicide Prevention Helpline 1-800-273-8255 (1-800-273-TALK)
  • National Hopeline Network 1-800-784-2433 (1-800-SUICIDE) http://www.hopeline.com/
  • The Trevor Project , 866-488-7386 (24/7) Live Chat  with the Trevor Project (Fridays 4pm- 5pm EST)

Domestic Violence

  • National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline Spanish 1-800-942-6908
  • Battered Women and their Children 1-800=603-HELP
  • Elder Abuse Hotline 1-800-252-8966
  • RAINN 1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

Eating Disorders

  • Eating Disorders Awareness and Prevention 1-800-931-2237
  • Eating Disorders Center 1-888-236-1188
  • National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders 1-847-831-3438
  • Remuda Ranch 1-800-445-1900
  • National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Eating Disorders
    630-577-1330, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST, Monday to Friday


Elder Abuse

  • Elder Abuse Hotline 1-800-252-8966

Family Violence

  • Family Violence Prevention Center 1-800-313-1310


  • Compulsive Gambling Hotline 410-332-0402

General Issues and Problems

  • CBN, 700 Club,  Call our 700 Club Prayer Center, or http://www.CBN.com , 1-800-823-6053


  • Homeless 1-800-231-6946
  • American Family Housing 1-888-600-4357


  • Helpline: 1-800-398-GAYS
  • Gay and Lesbian National Hotline 1-888-843-4564
  • Trevor Hotline (Suicide) 1-866-4-U-TREVOR


  • Hotline for parents considering abducting their children 1-800-A-WAY-OUT
  • United States Missing Children Hotline 1-800-235-3535


  • Emergency: 911
  • Poison Control 1-800-942-5969
  • Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222

Porn Addiction

  • Fireproof Ministries: http://www.fireproofministries.com/pornaddiction.html
  • Covenant Eyes: http://www.covenanteyes.com/ and their supporting links
  • CBN Teaching Sheets: http://www.cbn.com/spirituallife/CBNTeachingSheets
  • Be Free in Christ: http://www.befreeinchrist.com/, a lot of info here

Pregnant & Scared?


  • Boystown National Hotline 1-800-448-3000
  • Laurel House 1-714-832-0207
  • National Runaway Switchboard 1-800-621-4000
  • Teenline 1-888-747-TEEN
  • Youth Crisis Hotline 1-800-448-4663
  • Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline, 1-800-422-4453 (24/7)
  • National Safe Place  Text SAFE and your current location to the number 69866 (24/7)
  • National Runaway Switchboard Call 1-800-786-2929, (24/7) Live Chat  with the Veterans Crisis Line (24/7)


  • Grace Help Line 24 Hour Christian Service 1-800-982-8032
  • Want to know Jesus? 1-888-NEED-HIM

Self-Injury, “Cutting”

  • S.A.F.E. (Self Abuse Finally Ends) 1-800-DONT-CUT

Sexual Abuse

Sexual Addiction & Porn


  • Emergency, dial 911
  • Suicide Hotline 1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433)
  • 1-800-723-TALK (8255)
  • Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-827-7571
  • Deaf Hotline 1-800-799-4TTY
  • NineLine 1-800-999-9999
  • Holy Spirit Teenline  1-800-722-5385
  • Crisis Intervention 1- 888- 596-4447
  • Crisis Intervention 1-800-673-2496
Hotline Icon If you are experiencing a medical emergency, are in danger, or are feeling suicidal, call 911 immediately.

Suicide Hotline: 800-784-2433
Immediate Medical Assistance: 911


The American Counseling Association recommends, “Five ways to help with coping AFTER a crisis situation.”

  1. Recognize your own feelings about the situation and talk to others about your fears. Know that these feelings are a normal response to an abnormal situation.
  2. Be willing to listen to family and friends who have been affected and encourage them to seek counseling if necessary.
  3. Be patient with people; fuses are short when dealing with crises and others may be feeling as much stress as you.
  4. Recognize normal crises reactions, such as sleep disturbances and nightmares, withdrawal, reverting to childhood behaviors and trouble focusing on work or school.
  5. Take time with your children, spouse, life partner, friends and co-workers to do something you enjoy.


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221 thoughts on “24/7 Crisis Help

  1. I totally sympathize with your situation. If God closes one door he usually opens another. Keep seeking and keep praying. Satan will do all he can to try and discourage you. Keep moving. DO NOT allow anger, bitterness and resentment to take root. I allowed that in my life one time when I was younger because I was turned down for a pastor. It ruined almost 20 years of my life and caused physical and emotional problems Remember Jesus said do not let the sun go down on your anger and do not give the devil a foot hold. Love and best wishes. God Bless. Curtis Brooker. Curtis_1957@hotmail.com

  2. I am in a state of disarray as a Christian. Several weeks ago, after a lifetime of hardwork and many set backs I was denied my dream job just a few weeks away from completing my course of study. The past several weeks I have grown angry, bitter, and cold. I have been blessed with the necessities to press on, i.e. a supporting family, food in her fridge, and a roof over my head, yet I can help thing why can’t I be granted anything in life a work for. In a nutshell, I have always tried to do the right thing or at least ensure that my destructive behaviors affect me alone. Yet throughout my life everything I ever wanted has consistently been denied by God. I have worked hard, I have prayed and I have believed yet all of my success in life has been settling for second best. What have I done so wrong that God has left me. I have read scripture, Footprints, and talked to me Pastor yet deep down inside I am hurting. Though I know I should not compare myself to others I question why bad people with bad hearts have been given opportunities that I have been denied. I don’t believe in works based faith but even so I have tried to the best of my ability to be a good student, son, Soldier, and Husband. Am I not deserving? God nor the world owes me nothing, however why would he continually bring me close to my dreams just to leave me hanging? And if the unanswered prayers are Satans way of separating me from relationship with God, then why bother at all? I am too angry to hit, too broken to cry, and worst of all I have failed a great friend by not succeeding at my task. I want to pray but can’t, I want to believe but see no point, I want to read scripture but can’t focus, I want to “get back right with God” but am too distant. I don’t know where else to turn. The fire inside of me has died out and I merely just try to keep a smile to get through the day all the while knowing I’m only fooling myself. Anybody…please help….SOS

  3. JOB 42:11 It’s a place where men should never go unless the woman agrees and gives him permission to not to rape, but love her in their relationship of first dates…. If a man touches a woman without asking and forcing his spirit upon her…he has violated a sin… as with our God who gives His sons and even satan His wayward son of darkness and His silent partner, a death angel, He calls for me, a spirit of demise… I am angry this is true… God is trying to heal me thru His sons of sexual arousal… which in return angers me BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO BE TOUCH, NOT BY THEM OR HIM!!! It is the most unclean spirit that lust with flesh and after you see the spirit smoking a cigarette as if to say, “IT WAS GOOD FOR ME TOO,”
    I keep repeating myself to God do not touch me, I am not responsive to any feedback from Him but this, “I do not love you” Jesus Christ I do, but not God…. He is evil (job 42:11) and His hate is in His jealousy, also His wrath…..
    And you are a rapist…in every since of the word…. I am angry and have sinned because God will not stop the sinfulness of His wrath against me… I pray and repent, I read the bible, pray, and repent, asking for forgiveness… and God still touch me thru His unclean lusters of flesh…. I am celibate in an unclean way, because He hates my purity…..and because of His hate, I hate Him, satan the devil, the spirit of demise!!!who I am going to kill on Judgment Day for what God is allowing him to do to me!!!!I WANT MY FREEDOM!!!!, STAY OFF MY CLITIROS!!!! I have walked for fifteen years with my hand upon my womanhood, slept, eat, worked, played all with one hand covering my flesh because God in His unholy manner would not stop lusting with me and my MIND, He allowed and permitted death to entertained me thru fear of dying or being killed or rape than killed,,,, now I am in a place where satan holds me captive against my will because I have no one or nothing to help me overcome my sorrow….And God who know my fate, will not intervene and cast this shadow of darkness from my being and resort unto me the joy of my strength… which for Him He can’t get past my purity…. God hates those who are pure and sin with those who are unclean….

    All day in the presence of a God who seems to be for me. I was prayerful and read his word…as night grew His son of darkness, the devil, satan the death angel enter my home as they always do. I prayed my last prayer and settled…around 2:30 am this morning and before a demon spirit came upon me. i was so sleepy, I spoke from my drowsiness, satan I rebuke you and the unclean spirit left…shortly thereafter, I was awaken again… tormented, harass, I became angry so I got up an d began telling God, I do not like him… I ran a bath and from that moment to this… I have been RAPE!!! By a luster demon . my hate, God has made all His promises… and even in prayer, if I ask him to cover me, call for the elders of my home church, pastor and first lady to keep me cover from lusters after my womanhood. God will allow, permit satan the devil, a spirit of demise to touch me in an unclean way to the point of my hatred, I will cuss God out!!!

    It is a shame for God to love everyone, and hate from His wrath… lusters of man’s flesh especially those who are pure…
    I know I may burn in hell for His broken promises, ask! in His son’s name! whatsoever ye shall ask! These are promises that when I pray to God, He hears, but do n not receive me because of His curse of wrath upon my womanhood…after He allow for me to be touch, I told Him I forgave Him but on judgment day I would remember, that I would not forget how He said over and over again, “He would never touch me that way again, and yet He has allow, permit satan the devil, the death angel, a spirit of demise to RAPE me on my clitoris
    angelic darkness’s of this world from hindering my life as a woman of lust from satan who has cover me in darkness, because I gave up sinful lust after the separating and divorce of my third husband. God cursed my life to darkness and exchange my soul for Charlie and David who are men that are dead but their souls live in my body and they are possessing my life to death….

    I am 59 years old and I have practice celibacy from 141/2 years…. a man of angelic spirit lives on the left side of my body he has wrapped himself around my hip and butt waist and spine ankle, and foot big and little toe, neck and left shoulder to walk with me… At first, I thought it was the Holy Ghost, but as time moved on I found it to be a man of lustfulness and hindrance over my life…I am in bondage for 14years, I have not have one good night sleep, and if I get one, I suffer for it… I can’t keep or find a job and if I do I get fired between 6months to a year,,,,,
    and I have not friends to rely on and if I do, he will chase them away… and my flesh is ugly, when this travel with satan got started I was beautiful…. now I am ugly because of the evil and wicked things that he had me to do to keep him from my womanhood, like inserting objects into my flesh to keep a spirit man penis from lusting with me sexually,,,, I called an entity…
    and they lay upon my clitoris and masturbate with me and I get angry than I cuss God for His wrong than I ask for forgiveness and then God starts the hate all over again…

    to be FREE, AND HEALED BY THE POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST…I KNOW CURSES ARE TO BE BROKEN BECASUE CHRIS JESUS SUFFERED AND DIE FOR OUR SINS… SATAN BOUND ABRAHMAMS DAUGTHER… AND he has bounded me because I choose to not sleep with man or woman of spirit or flesh….I called for an exorcism but no help…

    please help me!!!!

  4. I tried to kill myself with pills. I was sad because of a woman and alot of other things that happened throughout my life. My brother tried to kill me once while i was giving him a ride. I dont think marijuana is bad, but he never has a cent because he spends all his money on weed. I told my family i tried to kill myself. Nobody really cared, i read the bible every day now. I have become religious. I had a spiritual awakening that day. I believe i felt the wrath of god. I didn’t die but what i felt , i can describe it as gods wrath. I believe now. God is good. No matter what happens in life now ive learned to look on the bright side. To anybody who thinks about committing suicide. Dont do it. Life is good. No matter what your going through its not the answer. Theres another way.

  5. God does not rejoice in your suffering nor does he think your stupid and worthless. He most definitely does not want you to commit suicide. Chances are your life is where it is because of the choices you made and maybe because of the people you listened to. Start reading the new testament. Also get involved with a good pastor and start attending a church and get involved. Curtis. Curtis_1957@hotmail.com

    • First of all, The Bible is quite clear that there are two groups of people in the world; those who were elected by God to salvation from before the foundation of the world..and those who were NOT. Before Jacob and Esau were even born, what did God say about them both? “Jacob I loved and Esau I hated”! Those are Gods words, not mine. And we won’t even go into what happened to Job..all the horror he endured, just so God could prove a point to Satan!?!? And I never said part of my situation was not my fault..I fully admit to being a sinner in need of Gods help, mercy, forgivness, like everyone of us. I know damn well what an enormous miracle it is that God would forgive ANYBODY at all. But what has happened in my life is scareing me beyond words…because as things in my life have gone from problematic, to bad, to catastrophically messed up, I turned more and more to The Lord through prayer, Bible study, and everything ” the church” says should be helping..but God help me its NOT helping me at all Curtis!!! I’m more depressed than ever..everything I’ve been doing doesn’t help spiritualy or practically…and when I read in the KJB that “God does not hear the prayers of the unsaved”…then you or someone tell me how I’m wrong thinking and saying what I said. Where does it say suicide is a sin?? The commandment ” thou shalt not kill” in the original Hebrew means” thou shalt not murder, as in killing another person, not yourself. Sampson commited suicide..did God say that was wrong of him to do that?? Hey, if I’m wrong, I’m all ears, I can admit when I’ve made a mistake. But I tell you from the bottom of my heart, when I pray, deep down inside is the feeling of” your wasting your time…your not one of Gods elect..put yourself out of your misery

    • My cousin killed himself this morning, he was the one who wrote the ‘Broken hearted’ comments here. He was the nicest, sweetest person I’ve ever known and I can’t believe he’s gone. He had some very bad things happen to him recently, both his parents died, his wife met someone she “fell in love with” and divorced him, and he lost his job all within the last two years. I’m not a Christian, but he was and always told me that no matter how bad things got in life, praying to God and reading the bible always helped him and God never let him down. If that’s true, where was God when my cousin was praying for help??? I thought Jesus was like always there for you when you needed him. Yeah right, I’ll be sure to mention how much help he was my cuz’s funeral

    • More than I could ever say I am so saddened to hear about your cousin. All my love, prayers, support and sympathy. Jesus did and still does love your cousin. I know that all that may be difficult to believe. Please read the gosphel of John about the love of Jesus. Even though we have the love of God we can still have trial, tribulations and strife. God Bless.

      • Thank you for what you said, that was very nice of you, i appreciate it. I’m Seamus’s cousin Miri. I have his bible now and I’m reading John like you suggested. I miss him so much, it hurts so badly knowing he was alive and reading this just a few days ago.But just the little bit I’ve read so far has helped me, but the part I don’t get is how come it says you can choose to accept Jesus as your savior some places, but in other places in the bible it says you have to be “elected by God” to be saved. My cousin said he thought he wasn’t saved, like he thought he wasn’t elected, and it made him very depressed. Can someone help explain what that means please


    • Hi Fuzzy,
      I’m so sorry you are having such a hard time of things. The only thing that I find solice in today one of my darker days is in the fact that this isn’t it. This (our lives) are temporary. The afterlife is realty and forever. We will find comfort there one day, you and I.

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    They are really convincing and can certainly work.
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  7. There is a solution an that is Jesus… He did for are sins and God has a plan for everything an it may not seem like it is the best thing at this point in time but God always have something better for you…I promise

  8. I need a spiritual help i was addicted by cocaine and I
    find myself homeless.
    I feel there is no hope of things getting better. The helpless leads to hopeless.
    I’m feeling helpless
    I’m fruitless I’m homeless
    I feel there is no hope of things getting better. The helplessness leads to hopeless.
    I eat like a dog I don’t wary about clothes
    life is more important than clothes,
    and everyday I’m like a goat waiting to be slaughtered but the good God prolong my life days. How can I became helpful me from the street.

    • I feel the exact way you do. God keeps us alive to watch and enjoy our suffering. He refers himself to us as our heavenly father. How many fathers do you know kill their own children? There is countless times mentioned in the bible where he kills his children that according to his word ” he so loves..” This starts in the very first book in the bible where he kills the entire world. Let’s move onto the book of Job. Not only does he offer Job his most loyal servant up to Satan, he sits back and watches Satan kill Job’s entire family and way of life. The only way to stop the suffering is either stop depending on God or the way I am choosing suicide. That way I can end this pain and not allow him to enjoy watching me suffer anymore.

      • The person referring to them selves as “suffering” is absolutely 100% right!!!! I won’t waste time explaining all the horrible things that I’ve experienced in the last few years, but I have wasted so much time pointlessly begging God for mercy, help, forgiveness, guidance,love,you name it! All the things we are told to pray for, and the more I pray, the worse things get and the further from God I feel. No matter how much I cry for help, the only answer from God I get seems to be “I’m not gonna help you, it’s time to face facts…you are worthless and I’m sick of hearing your stupid prayers. Kill yourself…don’t hurt anyone else, but you have my permission to die by your own hand. Ive given you the motivation…now do what needs to be done so I can concentrate on the people I truly do love and care about who’s prayers I do listen to and answer”. God has watched my life be destroyed to give me the motivation I need to stop talking about suicide and do it finally…I’m just sorry I wasted so much time praying for help from God that was never gonna come. I don’t know what else to do…how are we suppose to feel when we beg the Lord for help that never comes??? But ya know what…if things honestly get better, then I’ll change my mind and come back here and say so to all who might read this…that I promise God willing

  9. Hi my name is hawa and I’m 15 years old and I this is my story please don’t judge me I need help ever since I was a little kid I was physically abuse ….my dad would take long cables and hit me with it but I got use to it ….it was once he hit me so bad I was bleed really bad on my arm and legs …but at the same time I know he did it out of love but my dad was never really around I’m my life there for I try to get other boys to give me the love that I never had…i grew up tryna to get guys …that’s until I found the live of acting …that was my passion and it still is ..thats until I started 7th grade and i was getting bullied and I had some other family situation going on it got so bad to the point where I tryed to take my life …so I started going to church but that was like 4weeks and I had to stop going… So once I was in 8th i was actibg like someone that I wasn’t …i would do anything sone body asked me to just to fit in..and things went down hill from there …right now I’m going to the 10th grade I’ve been committing lots of sins I’ve send naked pic just to please guys n I know its wrong n I’m talking to a guy name daylan and I’m really falling hard for him his been tryna connect me more closer to god but I need more help some one please look past my sin and help I want to become the person I am …..please find it in your heart to forgive me …im a dancer and actor and a child of god .. Pleaae help

    • I pray that you know you have an eternal home with bo more pain! Always look to Jesus he did everything for us to take our sins. Dont let anyone take that away. U are wonderful and can glorify God and give other hope thru him too now. :) life get tuff but pray for help and he will help read bible and let holy spirit give u rest and direction and patience.

    • God the moment you asked God to forgive you he forgave you.. It is the devil that keeps our minds bounded so that we don’t glorify God you are a child of God you believe in him but are you saved just like john 3:16 says for God so loved the world that he have his only begotten sin that who ever believe in him shall not parish but have ever lasting life don’t allow the devil to torment you with the things of your past you are a valuable part of Gods kingdom we go through trails so we can be a testimony and bring others out what you go through us not just for you don’t allow those negative thoughts to over take you the moment you excepted God you became and aire to his kingdom God is the only way we are nothing with out him you need to be in your world show God you love him spend time in your word and watch God bless you ….

      • Praying for you “hawa” to be healed in Jesus name. knwoing GOd is very big and wants you to start walking back in HIS Will not inthe wIll of the World. Hope someone else was able to contact you so I hope you are doing ok. I dont know how this prayer line works so but here is my facebook account website… you can msg me privately and or you can see the different prayer groups online I have joined and join them they will talk to you right away probably.. again I have some resources of church groups that would be able to connect or I guess you can talk to me too.

  10. Need help in prayer please,because im feeling alone and not worth anything,my husband walked out on me and our 3 kids he moved in with the other woman and her 2 kids,its almost like i dont know my husband anymore because he support the other woman and her kids with all their needs and here im struggeling to survife with our three kids age 18months,4year and 9year i need help please.

  11. Thank you for sharing. IM in crisis and have absolutely no one. IM scared. No one likes me very much and I have been rejeted by the neighborhood. I’ve never been in this side of the fence. It’s cold and IM so tired and so lonely. I can’t believe I said that but it’s true. People are outside right now gathering to watch me be removed physically from this studio, quiches filled

  12. I am dealing with very bad postpartum anxiety. It’s so hard. Sometimes I feel so disconnected from every one around me. I am praying for a healing, but the enemy keeps fighting me. Please pray with me that God would heal my mind and I can feel normal again.

    • Hello Nicole, I don’t know if you will read my reply I am taking a shot in the dark that you will even answer me back. I am writing to you because you say you are struggling with anxiety and I can connect. I was in a car accident about 3 years ago and my life has never been the same. I hit my head now I was diagnosed with post concussion syndrome. I start to vomit when put under severe stress. I also have a great deal of anxiety and I messed up my neck / back, bad headaches the doctor put me on medicine. I may look normal on the outside but the pain is real on the inside I was declared disabled the insurance company will not pay for anything so all I have is medicine to help me with my pain. I have a wonderful wife and two children but, I feel alone I don’t want to be touched I push them away and everyone else. Everything bothers me and I can’t get any help. I am tired of fighting everything bothers me so much that if my blood pressure is high one more time I will be put on blood pressure medicine. I am miserable towards my children I am always yelling at them. I don’t want to I want to be a good father and normal but, all want to do now is sleep and because any time I try to do something may back will go out on me. I am tired of fighting. I have no friends I want friends but, it is hard to connect. I tried contacting a church that I been going to for a while but, know one ever calls back. When someone wants to be friendly I just shut down. I don’t know why I just pull away I hurt so bad inside. There are times I go off by myself and just cry and cry for sometimes up to hour or more. I have all these thoughts that pop into my head I just would love to tell it all to someone without being judged to get this weight lifted off my shoulders. Tried telling God but, It feels like a one sided conversation and that I am just talking to myself. You probably wondering if I excepted Jesus into my life and I have I used to have a great joy in my heart but, now I can hardly pray. Every time I go into church I ask God to help me and brake down the wall that keep me from him as I listen to the service tears will fall from my eyes and I can’t even explain why. I really don’t feel connected to this church I have been going there for a few months now and I don’t know if they even think I am alive but, I know deep down that my children need a church to go to as well. I barely scratch on the surface on what is been going on in my life but, I was wondering the hurt the pain of feeling disconnected how are you dealing with it?

  13. I need help. My son and I live with my parents. I go to work and school fulltime. My mom constantly screams and yells at me for anything. It is affecting my relationship with the person I love and he can’t stand it. He has recently told me he can’t be around for ans is sick of it. But I can’t afford to move out ans don’t qualify for government aid.

    I can’t find anyone to talk to. Please help

  14. This has been the longest 6 weeks of my life. I was recently blessed with section 8, this program only give u 8 weeks to find housing. It may seem long,but when u hsve my circumstances its not. I start from sun up to sun down searching and as the clock ticks it feels as if life is being sucked out of me. Im a firm believer in Jesus but because I’ve back slide this blessing seem like a curse. I got 5. Kids that depend on me and i cant fell them,that ive done enough. So for all the whole hearted believers please pray for my family and i. We need favor and Jesus is all we got.

  15. Im in need of alot of help. I just dont have any strenght to fight anymore. I deal.with torment. Sickness. Addiction. Mental. Tired. Backsliden

  16. I am broken beyond repair and my heart is so hard that at times, I feel like the crushing pain is excruciating and fear that it might kill me in my sleep some day. I gave my life to Christ before my mom died. My dad died a year after my mom leaving me with a broken family that needed extra grace. We were very much walled in by our grief, insecurities, abuse by family members and trying to manage to get by. After all the pain and agony, God heard me when I cried out to him for healing. I underwent surgery and gave my heart fully to Christ afterward. I served God out of fear of falling back to the same sin that had me down for years. I broke my Pastor’s wife’s trust two years before that. I continued to press on and tried to re-establish a relationship with her but she had her guards up. After I broke her trust yet again. This time leaving me with no one to confide in about the turmoil inside of me. Even my Senior Pastors looked at me as if I had a disease. I felt really low and couldn’t lift my head up. I ran from church to church to find someone to talk to. Someone who wouldn’t judge me but offer their ear to listen to the pain and confusion inside of me. I dreamt of hell everyday and ate my feelings. I cried to God and apologized everyday feeling like He was far away from me. The only thing that came to mind was to leave the place that I lived at. I felt that everyone in the church knew my sin and refused to talk to me- I felt shunned. I tried to make things right with the Pastors but was told “you’re already forgiven yet their body language spoke other wise”. My family was hurting because of what I went through and I continued to hurt deep inside because I felt the rejection from our church members toward my family and the harsh judgment from them. We all backslid- it was there that I knew how much we loved each other very much… I left to another state bc of the pain and rejection and knowing that no Pastors wife would even want to help me at the time because of my sin. The church that I attended networked with a lot of neighboring churches that I had visited- I was too insecure to trust any Pastor again. I have hurts inside of my heart still and unresolved issues. My past continues to attack me. I know God loves me no matter what, but I feel so alone because I have no one to talk to or share my pain. My aunt that I stay with doesn’t keep what people confide in her about. I refuse to talk to her because I know that she will spill everything to the congregation that I am new at and my heart will break if I see people treat me like “Mary Magdalene”. I need help- someone to talk to

  17. I would like to talk with someone at some point. I am 39 years old. Lost my wife and child, career and everything else you can imagine. I must put god back in my life and move ahead. I have been hospitalized in an icu five times in the last 8 months for attempted suicide. I’m ashamed of it and have had some of those feelings starting again and I don’t like it…I have to find god again!!!

    • Dear Beloved in Christ,
      Greetings to you in the most highly exalted name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. His richest blessings shall be upon you forever. I am Brother Neelam.Immaniyelu came from a devotee gospel family. I got brought-up with Christianized background. I studied up to graduation. But I never tempt for a better job as per the call of our God I prepared to held-up under His services only. I got married, and I blessed with two children. Now I am doing our daily gospel at our rural areas. Our location is very bad in all aspects due to the continual effect of natural calamities like cyclones and floods. From such area I am doing my daily gospel.

      Now I laid my stress on our outreach areas. Basically I am doing my regular services through our co-gospel workers. We are concentrating on Hindu people. We are advocating the idol worship as devilish task. And we are taking the message of our God to all over of our faraway places. Because of our regular prayers numbers of Hindu people are accepting our Lord Jesus as their real saviour. They are getting away to their idol worship, and confessing in all of their previous sins. They are very poor, but they can’t assist me on our daily needs.
      We have our co-workers in different villages. Our fellow pastors including our congregators of 15 members are actively participating in street evangelism to spread His Holy name by praising Him on the roads. All of our co-workers are very poor. We are doing our service without any support for all these years .Ours is a very small ministry and in dire need of bicycles, drums and hand set mike to our street evangelism in our areas. They have no proper shelters and no permanent Church buildings. We gather in verandas and in the corners of the streets during nights. The workers have their families to care for while. They go on the Gospel work. Many days a month they face hunger. Our Ministry really consists of a life style of starvation, anxieties, rebellions, mockeries, etc., but we are persistent in the Gospel work to save perishing souls. If there is a monthly support for our co-workers, their families will be looked after, and they can go into the ministry more effectively.

      Now I am running one orphanage for the welfare of 15 helpless orphan children. They are all cent percent orphans. They are totally in great needy conditions. Once they had suffered a lot at their basic needs like food, clothing and shelter. They are all in total disasters conditions. Being a Christian I got pitied much about their helpless stage, and I got much motivated by the verses in the Bible “James 1:27” and I prepared to host of such helpless orphan children. Now they are growing on perfect healthy grounds by adapting very good habits under Christian background. I believe they should become as God’s servants in future. By such a pious target I am training them daily. Actually I don’t have any support from anywhere on our orphanage. I totally depended upon our local contributions only. But now days it became very problem for me to attain such local contributions. And it is fact to you that any organization based on Christian faith may be able to achieve of its necessary support from India. Here Christians are in minority. They can’t reach of their targets as per their own efforts. Here we are glancing number of destitute people like widows and aged persons. They are suffering a lot at their basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter. Because of their family disorganized conditions they are facing very disasters and panic feelings. They are totally in need of very good hospitality. Now I am hosting some of our destitute people on every Sunday. On that day I shall provide them only food. Due to lack of sufficient aid on it, I am doing their relief task only on Sundays. I need of your kind encouragement on their regular services.
      We are extending our warm welcome to you to come to our region in India. Every year we conduct seminars, crusades and conventions. Would you be a main speaker in one of our conventions? If you kindly write me your convenient date, we will arrange the meetings. We really need your influence to bless us in our ministry. Our co-workers are regularly and with a great burden, fully praying to God to send any Mighty Man like you to India to share the word of God to Indians through seminars, crusades and conventions.
      By narrating our every task on behalf of our ministry, now I am in great needy conditions. Please call on the attention of your people, friends, and intimates among our exact needs. The possible support of you will be spent in His Holy Service. A proverb in our Holy Bible reveals that (There is one who gives liberally, yet he grows richer, and one who withholds what he should give, and suffers want. Proverbs 11: 24, Let each one give as he has planned in his heart neither grudgingly nor by compulsion: for God loves a happy giver.2corinthians 9:7.)
      So those if there is no possibility to you to come to us, send your heart full gift to declare the Gospel. You are supporting so many people in your ministry towards the Gospel. So, if you support to the possible extent, there will be benefit to you in his Kingdom. We pray for you all and for your Gospel. Aquila, Priscilla supported Paul to take further step in His Holy Service. (Who risked their own necks to save my life? Romans 16:4.)We are in so many needs and spending huge amount to our desires by the Grace of God. But, we are expressing our inability to extend support in His Holy Service. Please think once again in this matter to extend your support to the possible extent to His Gospel Service in our poor Ministry.
      Basically I want your good fellowship. I need of your regular prayers. I want your good moral support. Please respond me on our exact needs. Now I am praying for such help. Please look into our real situation, and try to help us at your possible way. We shall ever grateful to you on your kind deed. I got of your email address from the website. I need of your regular prayers. Here our orphan children are sending their love and kisses to you. And our destitute people are expecting at your kind support. Totally we are all remembering you daily at our regular prayers. My best wishes to you and your church people. I shall wait at for your prayerful Reply.
      Thank you

  18. My heart goes out to all here especially the survivors of abuse. I’d learned to forgive and try to live and never put myself in that position again. Three years ago I noticed some neurological changes and a brain scan showed the damage from all the blows and kicks and punches from my childhood. I am told that I will likely develop early dementia. I was devestated but refused to give up hope. I tried to keep faith. Two weeks ago at work (a school) I was head butted as a bystander to a fight by two very large young men. The people I worked 25 years with treated me like a piece of trash and even forced me to drive myself 20 miles to an ER. The CAT scan shows they broke my nose and upper jawbone. They gavee me pain meds and no further care. I have terrible pain headache mood swings forgetting things. I have asked and even begged for help. I was mocked and ridiculed. When I requested further care to fix my nose so I can wear my glasses and see, they sent me a letter claiming from their insurance company that I had used “profanity” in a phone call which I have no recollection of. I was not given any details, just a threat to fire me. I am afraid of these people from this school system and I expect they will fire me because after 25 years spotless record, they now have some trumped up reason. I fear how low they will stoop. I know I will not survive 2 years till retirement. I had cancer and chemo last year and getting a job will be impossible. My blood pressure is at stroke level even with meds. I know it is wrong but I pray that God would just let me die now. All of my friends are dead already and family that I have supported for years have all deserted me. I look at what y’all are going through and it hurts my heart but I only wish I had the time you have left. I had given up on all of my dreams and just wanted a year or two of peace and to go with some dignity. I don’t know anymore and I’m to the point I just don’t care. Just pray for me because I can’t even seem to do that anymore.

    • I will definitely pray for you. God will be totally faithful. He will heal your injuries and hurts. Please feel free to contact me. My email address is Curtis_1957@hotmail.com I reside in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. I am a Christian. I work with the railway. I do totally care.

    • Please Jesus…You are The Rescuer, The Hero, the Savior, the Deliverer and a Friend that sticks closer than a brother….please heal…in Jesus name I pray Amen.

  19. 9 months pregnant, abusive spouse. I feel like my back is up against a wall. Just need to talk and find resources that will help. Maybe even an open ear.

  20. I am so sorry this has happened and your family is suffering like this. This revelation is so painful and the consequences to your daughter’s healthy sexual develop is heartbreaking but the good news is there is help!!!! I run seminars to educate parents and youth/teens about this very thing. I would LOVE to talk to u on the phone ASAP and give u all my resources and pray for u. This exposure has re-wired and robbed your daughters brain and hardwiring and she may now see the world through a sexual filter. I have some important questions to ask so I can help u better but will do that privately if u call. I too have been through rake, sexual abuse and a relationship with a sex addict and this all caused me severe PTSD and through God’s Grace and healing I am now able to help intervene on children’s Internet use before it happens to them. And if it had already happened in your case help offer non-judge metal support , prayer and resources. Please call me tomorrow if u can or text me at 310.927.9386. I put my ministries site above. You are not alone and I applaud your courage to write this and reach out. I know shame abd guilt is engulfing u right now but fight against it as it is the enemy trying to steal your strength and clarity. You are not alone in this and unfortunately this is happening to many little girls and boys and there is help to heal the damage!! In Christ with Love,

  21. 3 days ago I found out my 9yr old daughter has been trying to educate herself about sex via the internet. This apparently is a result of what she has learned from a boy at school. This has been going for about 1 year. I do not know what she has done or what HSS been done to her. The next day I spoke with the principle and immediately began calling therapists. I need to help her. The problem is I am so angry with my self and feel out of control. As a rape victim myself. This has just opened Pandoras box. I don’t want this to be about me. My mother, brother and my sin are also victims of sexual abuse and I have spent my whole life accrpting that we were all victimized but live my life trying to not be s victim and move forward and put the past behind me and just be strong and accept that the lord has purposed me for greatness. My husband is trying to cope with the recent news as well in his own way but cannot understand what I am going through. I cannot explain it to him as he will become defensive and feel as though it us all about him. As their is a bigger picture here obviously, my husband and my sins relationship has been not existing for many years my husband cannot accept nor try to understand all of the bad decisions my son has made in his life. This has been unforgivable in my heart as I understand the pain my sin lives with. I will always live my son and will support him when appropriate. I have not left my husband as we have three beautiful girls together and would never want to hurt them or their father. I do not know how to be strong right now. I feel out if control of my emotions, I am having flash backs of everything that I have been through. I need prayer and help and it cannot cine fast enough. I feel so scared. I cannot let my emotions get the best of me as I need to be able to walk with my daughter right now and help her. I am so angry with myself. I feel selfish this is not about me I have to be strong for her. Now that she has told us of her struggles the natural emotions of guilt, shame and temper tantrums are happening and I don’t have the patience for that. I am trying so hard I have to help her I want to help her. Her and I have been physically sick over this. I don’t know how to let my husband know how I am feeling that he will understand or be receptive to understanding. Ican never forgive him for not being there for my son the way U feel ax though he should have. I am going to have to this again with my daughter by myself and I don’t know if I can. Any words of wisdom?

  22. I feel like I may do something I can’t come back from. Not killing myself or others just harming verbally and being too heavy handed. Life right now is difficult I don’t have anyone to turn to. My husband work long hours and when he is here he is sleep,asking what’s to eat or watching TV. While I’m here with our two year old son we has a language delay. Which makes my days very trying. As of the last two week my child has really come to be difficult and not having time to myself hasn’t been great . My husband gets weekends off but for the pass two weekends he has gone out with his friends. I don’t have any friends not here well not at all come to think of it. I talk to two of my sister’s but they are younger with no kids and no husband so it’s not like they will understand they also live 6 hours away along with the rest of my family so I got no one. And I’m feeling very lost I was going to call the hotline but didn’t. I tossed my living up in a mess to show him just how my day was. I guess I say all of this to say. I’m trying to raise a special needs child and I don’t have support and it’s hard very hard

  23. I feel like I want to be done I think about hurting my self more than I should I cut once but I didn’t feel any pain If anything to felt relief I don’t know what to do my depression is getting bad I have to hide it at school I can’t call because I’m afraid someone will hear me call a suicide hotline I can’t find a hotline to text I feel alone tired I’m not even scared of dying I don’t want to feel this way but it seems like I think about it more than I should…I don’t know what to do …help

    • DreamCatcher plz kik me. I will talk to you. Im not one of these crappy hotlines that do nothing. I am there. My kik is joepassaretti1

  24. Need to repent of some sexual sin but don’t know were to start -had porn looking problem for years and want it along with.what is going on now behind me- when I was 9 picked up a magazine in the road right after my father died- 6 years ago received Jesus into my life at home all alone – well one day was sexual and ask God that I needed help – I was at my sisters staying and my nieces live there and a thought every once in a while.would try.to tempt.me but would take it captive ,then one day was on toilet and was looking at women on my phone , everything fine for awhile but I was still looking at women sometimes , well except a spirit would.come onto my being at work and would fight with Gods word.but then give in , tired of given in want free- so I moved away from my sisters and would get this feeling sexual would fight it off but it keep on for days and would give in seemed to be a sexual soul tie with someone from my sisters but didn’t know who because I wasn’t sexual attracted to own family etc. but these thoughts would continue for days and would.think about her but not sexually then I would get aroused , now I repent want this soul tie broke in Jesus Name – times when I take shower , toilet, at store etc. this spirit want it gone in Jesus Name – I need help in other areas of my life , please pray God will Help me understand want I need to and let go what I need to for full restoration, healing, want to do Gods perfect will for my life, want a great relationship withe Him, need help with being selfish, etc. more bless you

    • I feel you need to get Deliverance it is Praying to ask the Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ that he Rebuke the EVIL LUST in the Name of JESUS CHRIST…Lord dear Heavenly Father in the Name of JESUS CHRIST I need your Strength Lord in the Name of your beloved ONLY begotten Son JESUS CHRIST.I can not do this on my OWN I need HELP fighting this EVIL LUST I am weak but recognized I am a new born baby Christian.
      Give This Porn Lust to GOD in the Name of Jesus Christ!

      *Also SPIRITUAL WARFARE!!! yes People LOOK UP!


      Also SANTIFICATION is a process.1st CORINTHIANS 1:2&1:30
      1st)JUSTIFICATION(Congrats you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior!…and going to need ROOM for the Holy Spirit to grow more and more)
      2nd)SAINTIFICATION(Cleaning Out All the Old to make the Holy Spirit Grow)
      Holy Spirit is there but you now will go through a process which can be ROUGH and TOUGH…it means that GOD want’s you to be more like Jesus Christ!!! :-)
      *Book of Interest: Tittle Sanctification by Jack A. Furred

  25. please help me I am going through such a rough time right now I lost my faith in God over 3 years ago I just went through an awful break up with a guy that just use me very bad and then left me I feel so useless worthless so embarrassed of 44 years old I am 300 pounds I lost all my self esteem I used to think I was so beautiful even though I was always be 8 but now I’m realizing that I’m old and I’m fat and I would never be happy I have a family the only things that I really wanted in life and I 25 don’t know what to do I just feel so stupid and I do if I’m hurting so bad I have a child at home it’s hard to be to manage I haven’t slept in days I haven’t ate in days my mom is a Christian my sister is a Christian they keep saying have faith they keep saying praying I don’t have any I pray but I feel that my prayers have been answered I am hurting I can’t stop crying I have girlfriends were on live I have my tooth wish there was someone here so I could just be that bad since I need to learn to let God be that person in to leave him but I don’t know if I believe I don’t know but I feel like he doesn’t answer me I don’t like you’re getting a reply back right away God delivers with he’s ready for the world where does that leave me I just need some type of sign active at night at buying it off of us up I’m sorry

    • OMg. you are in the same place that I am.I feel like I wrote this and I am crying now. I just just keep praying to get thru another day. I was hoping it was going to get easier and it just harder. I wil pray for you. i know exactly how you are feeling and i wish I could help you.

      • You ladies are not alone. Been there and done that myself. Praying for you both. God said that you are wonderfully made. The road to loving yourself cannot be traveled with anyone else. It took extreme pain in my life to make me realize that no one was ever going to love me more than I loved myself. Instead, I would just keep attracting men who would make me feel worse and make my situation worse.

  26. Here is another basic crisis number.. 612-379-6363

    If you would like to text them the number is 839863. Text “listen” or “help”. Help is for emergencies and they will send an ambulance.

  27. Hello , I have a friend i am trying to get help for that will not help herself, she has been with a guy for under a year and he is totally controlling, manipulative, tells he in one breath that he loves her and the next minute that she is worthless and needs to kill herself, she see’s no light at the end of the tunnel and can not see a life without him, she chalks love up to all of his actions and everything he is doing to her is the opposite. She is not taking advice from others and needs professional help but has no money for it. Can someone recommend a non religious route to go? A pastor began to help her and then tried to get her to come to his church and when she didn’t he stopped helping her, she does not need any pressure or expectations to become part of a religion when seeking help. I am very concerned for her as I have never seen her in such a dark place, she is very much like a caged animal. Please help if you can.. Sincere gratitude and thanks.

    • I went through the same thing your friend went through only difference is the relationship was long distance. Me and my ex fiancé started dating when I was 19 My ex fiancé broke up with me early in august of 2014 before his birthday and mind and I’m he broke up with me because I deserve better. My ex fiancé was controlling verbally mentally and emotionally abusive. He threatened to put his hands on me over the phone three years ago and a year in a text a month after he broke up with me and other people threatened my life including him and those people made threat’s about my parent’s life and my grandmother’s life. The relationship was long distance for five years and we never seen each other. He lied to me more than once about coming to the state I live in to meet me in person when he knew all along he never was going to come out here and see me in person.l found out he has kids. He had his second child three years ago when we were still together and I believe he got the mother of his now three children pregnant a year ago while were still together before he broke up with me in the summer last year. And he lied to four years of the relationship to get money. And I did things in relationship that I’m not proud of that was wrong but my ex did a lot worse to me. The whole relationship was full of lies. Five years of my life wasted on some one that didn’t deserve to be in my life. He is a pathological liar serial cheater manipulating narcissist psychopath. He is a evil person and I hate him with a passion. If he was on a news channel for some one brutally murdering him I was be relieved and happy to know some one wiped him off this earth. He is a sorry piece of trash of a person a weak women beater coward and a waste of a human being. He put his hands on his children’s mother and I don’t feel sorry for her because she disrespected me and even though she’s know him longer than me she was warned by me about who he really is as a person. And he put his hands on her a month ago and spit in her face and she hit him back. The only people I feel sorry for are those children. Those children including the baby she just had a month ago are stuck with having those two as their parents forever.

  28. I am in search of a peace of mind… but do not know which way to go…too scared to admit some things out loud…though I have a Christian background and attend church regular and love getting to know God…. there is a block I can not knock down. What it is I do not know…I have issues with being loyal to friends. I have issues with accepting that I am somebody..but I don’t know when it started and why it started…to be able to believe in myself again…why I am sending this..I am not sure..I feel lost..empty…the final straw is when I hurt my Pastor..the ultimate betrayal…she was my backbone and I lost the trust. I lost my mom(Pastor not biological mom)…and sometimes I feel I lost the Pastor part of her…I have done wrong many many many times..but this time…has hit home to the point where I know…it is either “I am going to live right 100% or I am going to live in my sin” there is no luck warm anymore…there are days I don’t feel like I want to..go on any further…but then I feel like I want to when I hear the Word…then I get home …and it all disappears….

  29. I was looking for a hotline and found this. Thank you–what wonderful links. Thank you for the Bible verses and grounding in God’s word. My husband is fighting cancer, and it has been a challenge for me. Tonight we just learned that our son and daughter-in-law had an abortion. We are devastated–not only for the action they chose, but for the hurt and grief that will infect their relationship for years to come. What seems like a simple solution at the time only compounds challenges they are facing. Our daughter-in-law has a history of depression, rape, broken home–I am so worried about her. I am struggling with how a couple who professes to follow Christ could make this choice. I’m trying to love the sinner and hate the sin, but I find myself so angry that I just want to scream. I cry to God and only feel more pain and sadness. I know many of you are praying, will you pray for our family too? Thank you.

    • Remember what the word of God says hurting mom as I feel your agony. It reminds us to forgive so that we may be forgiven not to judge as also we will be judged in those same fashions. I know that at times it doest make sense and we most definatley can not control anyones choices they alone will have to face their creator one day and give account for all of it but God tells us to pray for one another and the most powerful tool u have is your sword your word of God the word tells us to resist the devil and he shall flee Jesus tells us that they did it to him and will do it to us. It is no suprise that you are feeling these things you are hurting for the ones you love and the Lord hurts for us. But when u struggle to hold onto to loving the sinner and hating the sin that is the plot of the enemy to put that heaviness and sturggle in your mind because if you are looking at the sin and taking ur eyes off the Lord u cant pray for her or edify her reming the enemy that we all fall short of the glory of GOd and that help her to repent and seek the Lord with her or on her behalf also remind satan that God doesnt make mistakes, nor garbage that she is beauitfully and wonderfuly made that he created her and knit her together in her mothers womb even knowing that she

      • I am sorry for your pain; you are not alone. I don’t always understand life, the pain we go through–but I know Jesus knew suffering too. I’m not a theologian, and my faith is challenged too, but I in the midst of the struggles I come to realize that God walks with me, and sometimes I need to claim His promises. I don’t know your situation, but don’t be afraid to call a help-line, and/or get medications if needed. Sometimes we’re afraid to get the help we need–God be with you, and bring you peace.
        A couple of verses that have given me strength:
        Psalm 18:2 –
        The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer,
        my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge,
        my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

        John 16:33
        I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

      • Dearest Michael,
        Of course you should exist, and God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit do exist. In time, you will see. Live your life in the best way you can now, as it truly is a small blip in time. When all of the Lord’s chosen go home with him for all eternity, it will be AWESOME!!!

      • !Dearest Michael,

        Of course you should exist, and God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit do exist. In time, you will see. Live your life in the best way you can now, as it truly is a small blip in time. When all of the Lord’s chosen go home with him for all eternity, it will be AWESOME!!! Please believe this Michael. Take time to read your Bible daily. If you don’t have one invest in one or. finda church you feel confortable going to and they will be happy to give you one. I’m very happy at a evangelical free.. ( basically Protestant) Y.ou might want to statt with the Psalms. There are a lot of them, if you do one a day, it takes about 3 months. You can search the internet to help guide yourself for the meaning behind them.

  30. First off I want to say great blog! I had a quick question that
    I’d like to ask if you don’t mind. I was curious to know how you
    center yourself and clear your mind before writing.
    I have had a difficult time clearing my thoughts in getting my ideas out
    there. I truly do enjoy writing however it just seems like the first 10 to 15
    minutes are usually wasted just trying to figure out how to begin.
    Any ideas or tips? Appreciate it!

    • Everyone is so different, but I really focus on my post topic. Then I tie in a verse of concept. Once the first sentence is written (key) then the post practically writes itself. I write in the afternoon, out of habit I guess. It is pretty easy if my meds don’t hinder me (i.e. concentration).

  31. A few words of encouragement..
    When you think your problems are bad somebodys problems are always worst.. I have learned to be content in whatever state I am in. Before God blessed my financially I ciuldnt afford food and pampers.. I prayer and fast my way out of my situation.. I read the book of Psalms until times got better. I cried both day and night.. I did so for three years.. I prayed and fast faithfully. Yes I was starving, yes I was struggking, Yes I was suffering.. But the third year Gid came through.. It seemed like when it rained it poured.. God blessed me with an abundance of food, clothing, a home.. Until this day the Windows of Heaven are opened for me.. He (God) is pouring ne out blessings and I dont have room enough to receive them.. And I and still meditating and reading the BIBLE everyday fauthfully… I will trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding.. In all my ways I acknowledge Him, He is directing my paths… Stop looking for handouts… I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging for bread.. Trust in the Lord, He will supply all your need according to His riches in glory.. In Christ we live and move and have iur being.. May God bless you, supply your need, heal you, deliver from all your financial burdens. Open doors of oppurtunity that no man can shut.. May he deliver you from your abusive husband and send you a man after Gids own heart.. May he send you a mighty man of valour.. May he give you strength and courage to pick and live.. May he show you when to leave….. God bless you all…. IT IS TURNING AROUND FOR YOU…..

    • Thank goodness you’re smart. I wish I was half as smart as you are. You figured out all the things I couldn’t even think of. Now I’ve backslid and there’s no hope for me. I was sexually, physical and emotionally abused since I was a small baby, so there was never any hope for me to being with. I tried to find people to talk to, but they all left me hanging. I went back to my old ways because I felt like that all I had to keep myself from going crazy. I’ve already given up. I’m stuck in this miserable house with these people that make me miserable and these demons. I don’t have any privacy to pray a lot, and when I do have privacy I procrastinate. I also struggle with depression, anger and hatred. I really tried to help myself but my mind was so messed up from the abuse and trauma early on in life. Sometimes I still want to believe that there’s still hope for me

      • When I read the Word of God, I feel it’s speaking to my hardened hard and it can keep me from sinning. I stop reading it quickly because the voices in my head will make me curse God in my mind. My mental problems keep me from being faithful and discourages me from reading the Bible. I feel like I failed because I didn’t know what to do after accepted Jesus in my heart. I don’t know to pray, ask or cry out for help, trust or anything that has to do with a relationship. I wish one of the people I tried to talk to would have just told me what to do instead of taking me for a joke. I feel so sorry for myself. I can’t understand anything good. I feel like my parents crippled me mentally, emotionally and physically and set me up for failure in life and after this life ends. No matter what I try, I can’t get the help I need. I think the Holy Spirit came to me and convicted me of my sins a few months ago. Before that I would find myself laying in bed with my arms outstretched with one foot on top of the other without realizing it. I also heard a voice telling me that I should forgive my parents because I’m better than that. After I was convicted, I woke up everyday with fear. I also heard a voice urging me to pray to Jesus with this strong weak feeling in my knees. I wanted to pray, but I didn’t feel like I was ready because of my mental problems. About a week later, I heard a voice telling me nothing can save me from God’s wrath, something about eternal pleasures,

  32. I am in need of serious prayer for my mother.. She came into the hospital nov. 7th with stomach pain thinking she would be discharged in a day or two… It is Dec. 6 today and we found out two weeks ago that she has cancer. It is the hardest, most terrifying news someone can hear about a loved one. She can’t hold any food or fluids and they are going to have a scope going into her stomach from her throat. Please pray for my mother… She is the only one here on earth I have left and don’t want to lose her.. Please pray for , Eva . We both know that nothing is impossible for Our loving God who is the doctor of all Doctors. Praying for a miracle

  33. Hello there! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this site?
    I’m getting tired of WordPress because I’ve had issues with hackers and I’m looking at
    alternatives for another platform. I would be fantastic
    if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

  34. Hi.. I’m really in need of help. I am 3 months pregnant and only 18. My baby’s father just broke up with me and I have nobody to turn to. We we’re together for 6 months, at first him and his family we’re excited and happy about the pregnancy, they welcome me into there home with open arms and provided me with a place of comfort but now it’s like everybody that said they would be there for me has turned there back on me. My mom is not happy with the situation at all. She feels I should have never got pregnant and that this is not her responsibly. My family and his family has not been able to get along. Both sides of the family has left me feeling alone and this is my first pregnancy. I’ve never been through this before. My family and his family have made me feel unwanted. His family volunteered and said they would like to be the ones taking me to the doctor but that has all changed because they are not speaking to me, my mother has two jobs and works all day and night meaning I have no transportation to get to the doctor. I don’t have a job and my mom doesn’t want me to get one while being pregnant yet she doesn’t have the money to take care of me and my other siblings as well as my unborn child so I don’t know what to do.. I have been looking for work but it hasn’t been going well and my mother also doesn’t want me to leave and attend college while pregnant. My baby father is moving to Alabama and leaving me in Miami so he can attend college but he is doing it for all the wrong reasons. I feel that he is trying to run away from his problems and he has never talked about going to Alabama until he started hanging around a new group of friends that are also moving to Alabama. When I try to tell him how I feel and how hurt and stressed I am, he just casually brushes me off or says he doesn’t know what to say. It’s like we we’re the perfect couple, him and his family always had my back until I reached my third month of being pregnant. He use to tell me that he would work to take care of us and the baby and all I had to do was attend school but now everything is different. He has been avoiding me. It is almost impossible to reach him being that his phone is off and mine is broke. I don’t want to go through my first pregnancy alone. Everyday I pray but I’m starting to feel myself giving up because things just keep getting worse. Everyone has pushed me away and I am now temporarily staying with my bestfriend. It’s like everybody has there own problems and I don’t exist. I understand this is my responsibility but I need support and help. My family and his family can’t even have a normal conversation without fussing anymore. My baby father even suggested that we see other people, I don’t understand why anyone would want there baby’s mother to date another person. Me and my baby father have not been talking but somehow he is always able to find a way to get on social networks and talk to other girls. I am hurt and lost for words. I lost my relationship in a blink of and eye and have no way to support me and my unborn. I also refuse to have a abortion. If anybody can be of any assistance or knows somebody that could, I would appreciate it.

  35. I just need some words of encouragement. I had surgery a few weeks ago after being off from work (due to illness) for about a month. I cannot go back to work until late December. I have not received a paycheck since sometime in September. My job didn’t inform me that I was eligible for short term disability until the end of October. It’s going to take weeks before that comes through. I have been getting the run around and having to go back and forth with doctors, having items sent and re-sent, the insurance company claiming that they didn’t receive the paperwork, etc. I have run out of resources.I am really humiliated that I am in this situation. I know that God will make a way, but as I sit here alone with no immediate support system I don’t know what to do. I just want someone to pray for me, that’s all. Please send your uplifting words. I would appreciate it..

  36. Dear,Prayerline. I have come for an need of Prayerline with my need of getting out of this special Ed class .
    I’m trying achieve in life and want to have a great life with my girlfriend Karen and
    Her parents didn’t to much like me but I been nice to her parents and therefore I’m believe that the prayer I’m in need of will come true.
    Not only that it will come true that it will stay true and kept lock so no one wont break the need I very much in need and ALso
    I’m needing miracle for me and my girlfriend promise will stay. We both promise that we wouldn’t leave each other and I always told her we are one and we shall stand with god that this will happen. I truly love god and Karen my girlfriend. I love Karen from th bottom of my heart and god too.
    I really need this miracle I even study chinese when I was younger cause the holy ghost or god told me to study and so I did the library have recorded of it and my mom and also my uncle remembers this and when I first met her she scream out my name and then we dated an I always have love her a lot from the bottom of my heart and she have told me she can stop loving me and I want to marry her.
    I believe it through Christ Jesus as it has said in the bible.
    I truly love Karen a lot. She in the 11th grade and I’m in the 12th grade. She both have the same month in our birthday. Hers is may 19,mines is may 29.
    I have told her she only my girlfriend not no other girl cause it’s true and me and Karen have been dating for 8 months or a year. I never cheated on her. I always have love her and I still do .
    I want to marry her one day and I believe anything is possible through Christ Jesus.
    I love her from my heart not for flesh. I love her from my heart. I never used her at all.
    I just wish her parents would let me go to her house again and so we can pray and hangout by the mailbox again
    We promise each other we wouldn’t leave each other.
    I alway told her I hope I’m only your boyfriend and not someone else too.
    I truly love her and god a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lOt

  37. I am praying for u! I am so sorry for your suffering and this has happened to you. Pls find a phone and call me. I can at least send u diaper and food money. Keep reaching out for help. Jesus is there. Don’t be embarrassed, ashamed or proud. Keep crying out. Read the book of Job. U are not alone. My number is 3109279386. Jesus loves u. He is especially close right now hugging all 5 of u.

  38. I am in some serious need of prayer. I became a single mommy to four in the last week ages 7,4, 20 months, and 3 months. My fiance walked out on us, and took the car, the phone, and all the money. I have no job, because he wanted me to be a stay at home mom, and rent & bills are due in 10 days.. We were already half a month behind on rent, and I’m terrified. My four innocent babies are about to be homeless, and I don’t know where to turn, or even where to start. I am already being seen for post postpartum depression, and unresolved issue from my past (molestation/rape/abuse). I don’t even have money for diapers, and I feel like I have failed my children on a level, that I never even knew I could reach. I have a nervous condition where when I am at a high level of stress I cannot eat, and haven’t been able to in 4 days now. I am reaching levels of depression and despair that scare me… I feel like I have hit a dead-end and have no where to turn.. Even if I find a job, I have four children that I have to find child care for, and no way to get them there.. If anyone is there, please, please, pray for me.. I’m literally falling apart.. My kids need me, and I can’t be there for them like this..

      • Hello Jessica,

        I am so sorry you are going through this. Please know that I will be praying for you.
        You need to go immediately to the county you live in and ask for help. I know it is paperwork etc, but they CAN help you. You need to take any medication you are on consistently, and you need to ask a relative or friend to take your kids for even just a few hours so that you can do that paperwork. Also, go to the nearest Bible believing church you can look up or find and ASK them for help, that is what the church should be for!!!!!!!
        God knows your heart, and your life and the lives of the children you have better than anyone and he WILL HELP YOU if you be wise enough to ASK honey!!!!!
        I have had MANY losses and abuses in my life and can say

  39. Im going through a crisis where I hate life I feel like I don’t belong in this world honestly I’ve been stressed out on job searching for 4 months and still no results I’ve been rejected by all of the jobs I’ve applied at im close to giving up etc.

  40. Am too ashame to asked for help. I am in a somewhat abuses marriage. We are both public figures and am too scared someone might see me getting help. I have been praying and have somewhat lost faith. And when I finally said the heck with someone seeing me getting help I realize, I have no where to go the man I want to free my self from knows where all the shelters are…..

    • Dear,
      Do not be ashamed the only way you can get help is if you see someone. You should and stand up for yourself you owe it to yourself and your kids if you have any. The time you unmask is the unexpected the abuser already knows what to expect from you so when you do the opposite he or she will know you are strong!

  41. my husband is in need of help hes an alcoholic and is having alot of issues if you coulkd please email him with some help id apreciate it patdealmusic@yahoo.com he keeps getting drunk then screaming about wanting to die and saying just kill me and saying i should just let him die please help me help him..

    • Your a lost soul. God forgives you for everything, your his child please follow his faith. The road your headed is dark and deceitful. You don’t have to trust me from experience but have faith that it is not good. Follow god, and just as you put your faith in that the road your on is bad put your faith in Christ and trust that his road is the best way. God has given you certain abilities its up to you to find out what abilities you received and how to use them in a godly manor. God bless this poor soul, and forever love him. Even if his word goes against yours deliver him from evil.

  42. I need prayer and strength. When I think things can’t get any worst, something else happens. I’m a mother with five children. My lights have been off for a week, gas and water will be off soon. My car note is behind and it just stopped working. I started working a few days ago but I won’t have enough money to fix everything right away. All of our food is spoiled too. The government agencies can’t help me until October. Can someone please pray and agree with me. I need God to intervene and put my life in order for my family. Thank you. Giving up is not an option!

    • Hi. I want to help u. I do not have my h money but I can try to do what I can. Are u able to text me or call me at 310.927.9386? I want to know how much u need to get ur lights back on and some food in the fridge. God is with u sister. Pls contact me. Standing with u in agreement that God is in the business of miracles.

    • Dear: can’t say at this time
      What you are experiencing I the hardships of life. If you can always remember that as long as you keep your faith nothing will be to much to handle. It may seem like its to much at times, and wonder why it’s happening to you. That’s normal, but when things are happening like you describe. It is time for you to intervene! God has been doing his part this whole time. You should be able to see the option he has placed in front of you when over coming each obstacle. Think hard about each option and make your choice to the best of your ability. Not always is it the option that excites/appeals to you the most that’s right but most likely the option you’d rather not take. But that’s not always the case, so another approach is as read; choose one that gives you the least gut feeling. I might not be saying that right so let me clarify. Choose the one that doesn’t make you assume its immoral bcs if you think it’s immoral chances are your right.
      Okay another thing that will bring you goodwill is trying random acts of kindness. As in giving a complament, share the road while driving, catch up with an old friend and have a coffee together. theres plenty of things you could do.
      Even though your not in a good financial stability you will never not have money to share. I know it sounds crazy but being charitable to those in need right now will bring you help when your in need then.
      Promise that you will never turn on god for he is only testing you. He would not put anything in your way that you can not handle. Be gracious and compassionate for others that are in a much worse place than you. Do not tread on people that have put themselves into poverty on purpose bcs they are only lost in gods way. Pray for tenacity or to be more tenacious in the up coming hardships. An I must warn you that this could be just the beginning but everything works out in the if you have faith in god.
      Also, when people pray to have courage god doesn’t automatically make them courageous no he gives them the opportunity to be courageous!
      When people pray for wisdom he doesn’t grant them wisdom, no he presents the opportunity for them to become wise.
      And when people pray for love he doesn’t make them feel loved he gives them a chance to be loved.

      Wow okay so didn’t mean to right you a book but that’s what happens when I have the word of god flowing threw me!:) I sincerely hope this helps you threw the roughpatch. You can do anything that you put your mind to! Now stop worrying about the troubles you are experiencing and open your eyes to the others that are going threw the same thing. That was not meant to be rude but just a reminder to say your not alone in this world.

      Ps: god helps those who help themselves.

      • Ps: god helps those who help themselves.

        Little education for you anonymous….No where in the bible does it say that. If that were true, for example, God wouldn’t have sent his son to save us and there would be no need for grace or mercy.

        The rest of your responses seem ok, I’m not trying to disrespect you or diminish the comments that I’ve seen you post but whenever I hear or see that statement I feel obligated to correct it. Sent in love, please rec’v that way.

  43. I have done horrible. Hardly able to type and leave this message as I am so ashamed.. I have stolen from the very ones who love me and I am a horrible addict. I didnt use to be this way.. I said i would never do all of the things I have done today… I just wish i could go back in time and erase what I’ve done. but i know I cant. Debating going to rehab because I admitted to authority what I’d done. I just want to get clean and stay that way so that I dont have to face things of this nature… I dont want my family to find out what I did to them, neither do i want to go to jail.. I keep waiting for the police to come arrest me with warrants but I DONT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN… I just want to be clean and positive. I am a lie, a disgrace, and a terrible person who has been lost in evil and addiction for 3 years… Should I go get help tonight? It has been 6 hours since i last out a needle in my arm and withdrawals are coming fast… I am determined to not go get any dope, so that’s not the problem. the problem is I want to find Jesus Christ and live in His ways… I know i cant turn things around over night but what can I do to heal myself????

    • Daphane! Pls check yourself into rehab and get ur mind, body and Spirit FREE from the bondage of addiction. It will be hard but it your FIRST step in many that will lead u back to the Light! U are precious and beautiful and NOTHING u have done could ever make God stop loving u! Do not be ashamed. Shame is not from our Papa in Heaven but the enemy. Its ok to have Healthy repentance because that leads to conviction and conviction leads to transformation!!! YOU CAN DO THIS! SUBMIT TO GOD’s WILL FOR SOBRIETY and take it one day at a time. The miracles will come. I promise sister. Sending u a hug filled with His Love!

    • Dear Daphanie,
      Please seek out help for your addiction. I have a daughter who is in the same situation as you, addicted to shooting drugs. She has committed all of the same “crimes” as you put it, she has stolen from me, lied to me, etc. but my love for her and my desire for her to get clean and break free from addiction is greater than any offense she has committed that affected me. She has refused treatment and it absolutely breaks my heart. I know your family must feel the same way. You deserve a better life, our Father in Heaven did not create you for this and He certainly will not leave you to yourself in your greatest time of need. Please use the courage and determination I hear in your words to go get help now. All of the rest of your worries will work themselves out. You can overcome this, just start by doing the first right thing, then the next right thing, and keep putting one foot in front of the other and you will get there, I promise. I will be praying for you.

      In Christ,

    • Daphanie!

      I can relate, sister!!! For 47 years I never had an addiction. Then, the STUFF HIT THE FAN and I chose to run from life by escaping through alcohol. It’s been SIX years; thus, I feel the sting of feeling horrible, worthless, unworthy, etc.
      I went through rehab; the good news is, so can you! YOU ARE WORTH IT!! Find a handful of trusted people at church to share with so they can pray for you. And remember, we are ALL sinners saved by grace.
      I’m praying for you now…

  44. I have had no addictions, no premarital sex, no mental disorder, not alone nor lonely, no more porn site, not a young fantasy, and all through a horrible past. God really truthfully salvaged my tormented peerverts past [illegall]traum. Give [me]a compelling cleanseof bodily harms. Free from mental disorders of the mind that the devil[s] tried. To give a now overaddictions to get gone and closet the men whom bring forth no. thing. Nothingto flesh devil evilcant lose to evil works, but good works the disease, kept no por’n onl Gods gift. Y u heal help care close the devils mouth and mental hellTH takes. ….NONE.

  45. This is an awesome site…I work for Bethany Christian Services as a Crisis Pregnancy Counselor: Feel free to add our 1-800-BETHANY to your site for crisis pregnancy situations. I have also referred people in crisis to your site! Thanks for this awesome resource & your transparency…Walk an inspiration you are! God fill you today with His love & peace…

  46. Helpful. Info. Wrot down several no. Bookmarked site. Looking for info. on spiritual warfare. – questions, need trustworthy advise and info very much. Thank you keep me n prayer, God bless all of you.

  47. i just come out and say it, a longtime ago, i gave myself to the lord, but in that time, my life was and still is miserable, i been going in circles all my life and no better off today then when i left high school, i will be 50 next month and now i am burned out and empty, every opportunity i had, i ruined it, i never got ahead in life, its been filled with drugs and drink, psyce rehabs and as using drug rehabs secular and christian, although i had moments of sobriety and even last as long as 5 years, still i am no better, i was overseas and making a living, i met a filipina woman and eventually we got married, i thought this would be a turning point in my life, but after we got married, its just been awful, she has told me many lies , makes promises and breaks them, she will go days not talking to me, only superficial like whats to eat, or we need to go to the store, like that, this has been going on 4 years now, we have no plans for the future no goals, just a lot of nothing, she said she would go for help and wanted to change but she wont follow through, we fight sometimes and its always the same argument and we even attend church but noyhing works out, i talk to her and explain how i feel, but she ignores me, she will not work with me on anything, and i just give up, i cant tell her my problems, she will put me down or criticize me, and now i have noe seen her in 4 days cause we had another fight, she has no concern for me, but her own thing, i am also on this maintenance drug suboxone and ativan, and i must admit its been helping but i messed up and took more then i should, now i fear the doctor will cut me off and i will have to go through that awful withdrawal, i am so overloaded but empty , i got desperate and was using online ouija board for answers and i know should not do that, but i have no one to talk to and i am so alone, then i pray again, and still its the same for me, my family went on there own way, but on occasion i will talk to my mom, but she does not listen, she talks over you and comments on everything and anything, she said she is there for me, but does nothing the only thing she will say is , i will pray for you, i just dont want anything out of life anymore, just want god to forgive me and take me home with him, cause i cant carry it no more, even though i ask him to help, im totally empty

    • dear Greg, I found your note in the process of my own search. I’ve experienced many similar things to you over my life and I’m still facing challenges. I’ve gotten past an abusive marriage, adderall, addiction, and ouija boards to name a few.
      Each thing took time to overcome with the help of a trusted professional and God. It’s important to sit and clear your mind everyday without judging yourself. Ask for God’s hand and have him just sit with you. You won’t feel so alone. Let him help lead you in a positive direction. He will communicate with you in all things that happen, even the mundane. Just pay attention and ask your doctor to help you get off the drugs. I have seen for myself that inappropriate drug use will skew your vision and thoughts. Your life depends on your good thoughts
      You will see a little improvement everyday, but don’t worry if it doesn’t seem that way all the time. Look at babies when they learn to walk…they do the cha-cha all over the place before learning to move forward. Remember please don’t judge yourself when you trip up….just ask yourself, what caused this to happen and how can I change it.
      Remember that God says that you are precious and wants you to keep going.
      be well and I’m praying for you

    • Dear Greg
      I am very similar to you. I am on the medication suboxone and just took to much of it as well. I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle because I have messed up so much or so many times in my life. I have no one to talk to and feel like I will have to do this alone. A combination of drugs always cause me to do what I call the worst drug in the world. I always in up broke, broken, and pretty much homeless. I am so tired of hurting my family and my friends. I really want to overcome drugs completely but I’m really starting to think that I never will. I know that I need Gods help as well as help from people. I was also looking for a talk line that would help me. So tired of losing everything going in circles. If someone could give me some advice. Thanks Nolan

  48. I need a number to call thats available 24/7. I have been sifted by satan and by my own foolishness. i started drinking again and i need a number to call when im tempted. I believe in God i came to him a couple years ago. it seems like this year has been so hard. I committed adultery and did drugs. And now i fear for my life that God is going to strike me dead. I confessed it to my wife the next day and she forgave me. I’m done getting my butt handed to me by temptation and failing. I need help i dont want to go to hell, i know how serious God is and every time i fail i cry out to him and ask forgiveness but im getting sick of failure ive failed my whole life, help please

    • Do not fret my friend, you have not failed your whole life, find someone who is wise and nurturing. You can get help from them, you can get help from yourself, all the answers to life are written on the cells of your body. Keep on keepin on and know that no matter what there are people who want to help you.

  49. Heartbroken since youth from many different unfair and sad events even till now in my adult years im very depressed and hurt. I wished i knew a personal prophet who could give me some real answers from God…secretly suicidal.

  50. My niece porchia Bennett is three 3yr old in her grave at this time behind abusive addict both my sister in jail im homless after department of hum. ser. dischar. me oneproblem do porchia deserves to see her uncle homless in heaven? if so i rather be dead before i let her see me homless i ask for help from philly they turn porchias uncle away

    • I honestly don’t know. But I will point to two thoughts. One, all that God does/allows will be right and loving. Everything. Second, we must forgive if we are to be forgiven. Everything.

      Dear one, try to rest in this. And its like moving a huge pile of sand with just a bucket and a shovel. It’s going to take some time.

    • Do not feel this way. She is in the arms of God and there are no tear in heaven(book of revelation). She is looking down on you and knowing you too will join her one day. But not that soon! This is a broken world and while you are homeless you can still (by being alive) use your life to help others by however you can. Dying does nothing to help the earth. But living for Christ does. I am praying for you and that you will realize you are worthy of the life god gave you “. Never take away your own life no matter how strong the temptation!! God bless you

  51. Im a 25 year old woman who has been in a relationship with a man for 7 years. The problem is I am coming to the realization that I am most likely a lesbian. I wish I could have understood these feelings earlier but it seems like its too late. I feel so guilty blaming him for my intimacy problems. I really do care for him but I am not attracted to him and have virtually no desire for men in general. We have built a life together and he is my best friend but I dont know how to tell him that I am not attracted to him sexually, and only platonically emotionally attracted to him. Im at my wits end, and dont want to make a huge mistake by ending the relationship. HELP!!

    • I love your honesty. It is seen so rarely, and valued by so many. I really don’t know what to say. I will be praying for you to understand the many strong issues involved. Answers should come as you sincerely look toward Him. The Holy Spirit is moving each of us toward holiness… a Treppy-kind of holiness. It will only come when you put him first.

      Ybic, Bryan

    • If you lead him on your very wrong but are your feelings real there is only your opinion that can help you in this ocassion good luck. Ps: you always love your best friend

  52. Pastor Lowe, I am praying for you that God will continue to strengthen you, encourage and lift you. Like you, I am also a person, God is using in my community and at work where people confidently entrust me their lives struggles and pains. I used to be so strong because I rely in God’s power so much knowing that I was being used to minister to those I came across with filled with pains. But, lately I found myself struggling with the on going struggles of these people, I am beginning to carry their burdens as if they were mine.there were times, I wanted to put my resignation to God and says I quit. I know that my despair is coming from not seeing positive results on the things that I have been praying for certain people. These are real Christian with faith and they understand the purpose of their trials because that’s what I keep telling them but deep inside me I am so hurting for them, that I would cry out to the Lord for them, begged Him to get them out of their struggles. I have not been so open about my feelings of being emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually drain. But, God has been good, He picks me when I fall..therefore, I pray for you Pastor and thank you for what you do.

  53. There are so many AMAZING ministries to help u with porn/sex addiction. Many focus on men but many have programs for women. check out “be broken ministries”, xxxchurch.com, new life ministries and if u have the iPod podcast app look at “Pure Sex Radio” and call their hotline for help for woman. God has freedom for u but u are going to have to go after it harder than u have anything else in your whole life! You are worth it!!! Praying for u! God loves u!!!

  54. I struggle with porn addiction, food disorder, shopping addiction and depression. I’ve been a “Christian” for some years now but I am so ashamed to come to God because I always end up back in those addictions. I don’t have a single friend to talk to, my own family feels like strangers. I am completely alone. Suicide is always at the back of my mind. I am not happy but find temporal happiness or pleasure when I ran to those addictions. I want to stop soooo bad but every time I try, I crash even harder. I know it’s wrong, but I have lost the power to control these urges. God, please forgive me, give me the strength to get out of these addictions. Someone have mercy, please help me. Or tell me a number I can get help. I am so far from away God, I feel like He doesn’t lessen to me anymore. FeeI empty. I am mentally physically, emotionally destroyed.

  55. I struggle with porn addiction, food disorder, shopping addiction and depression. I’ve been a “Christian” for some years now but I am so ashamed to come to God because I always end up back in those addictions. I don’t have a single friend to talk to, my own family feels like strangers. I am completely alone.
    Suicide is always at the back of my mind.
    I am not happy but find temporal happiness or pleasure when I ran to those addictions.
    I want to stop soooo bad but every time I try, I crash even harder.
    I know it’s wrong, but I have lost the power to control these urges.
    God, please forgive me, give me the strength to get out of these addictions.
    Someone have mercy, please help me.
    Or tell me a number I can get help.
    I am so far from away God, I feel like He doesn’t lessen to me anymore.
    FeeI empty. I am mentally physically, emotionally destroyed.

    • Hi Denisse, I just saw your 2 messages, from a few hours ago. I too am a Christian, and am feeling quite depressed today/tonite, I have a lot going on. But, I do believe there is never a coincidence when God is involved, so maybe it’s good that I was looking at this website so I could read your message while here! All these things are A TRICK OF THE ENEMY! Failure, emptiness, shame, & feeling like God isn’t there for us, none of those are from God, but are lies from the enemy! There’s a song by Casting Crowns (Go on YouTube and check it out), I think it’s called “Voice of Truth”? Anyway, the words are awesome! It talks about voices that even mock us, but then there’s the Voice of Truth! And we know that’s God’s voice. You know that one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is Self-Control, so we have to activate that self-control, for whatever weaknesses we have, anger, addictions, etc. IF we fail, then just call on God and try again. Reading HIS Word really is a great medicine, too. So, even if you feel like you can’t move or even think correctly, just look at your Bible, or a sticky note with a Scripture, or even better, say a Scripture out loud, or even just call on the Name of Jesus, whatever you have the strength to do, and He will, and does hear! I’m praying for you, sister in the LORD, and I pray He comforts you, and “holds you up with His righteous right hand!” (That’s a Scripture in Isaiah) God Bless you tonite! L.

  56. Thank you Pastor Bryan for all you do in this site, may God continue to bless and use you as you seek Him daily as your guide. “GBWY”

  57. I am not in a good place as I have recently discovered my fiance is a sex, porn and masturbation addict. We run a ministry together that specifically fights to stop the sexualization of woman in Entertainment Media so me and everyone in the ministry are hurt and betrayed. Can Jesus really heal someone from sexual addiction/lying/double life if they truly want healing? After he could lie no longer because I discovered layers of lies over these past 2 weeks he flew himself to Seattle to attend “Every Man’s Battle” workshop for men in ministry who have been hiding their sex addiction. Is their healing for me? I am confused and broken and fluctuate from not being able to get out of bed, to feeling self hatred, obsessing over what the truth is to hope to hoplessness. Is there any online Christian counselor I can speak to? I went to S-Non and met with my pastor who was doing our pre-marital counseling and so did he but I feel such dispair. He as offered to take a lie detector test to give me full disclosure to help my mind stop torturing me. I want to act out in sinful ways to hurt him but so far have just steeped myself in scripture, prayer, online sermons and sex addiction education but the tug to sin myself to cope with this rejection and trauma is present and real. Thank you for your insights. Blessings to you.

    • Don’t worry yourself at all, put all your attention in serving GOD. All of your problems will go away, I promise you. Cut him off, not emotionally but sexually. If he truly loves you he will see his mistakes, and will treat you like a woman of GOD. Lying to you is expected, but lying or being dishonest to GOD is something that you “MUST” take as a sign to carefully reevaluate that person.
      I am a man that sold drugs, lusted for women/ porn, smoked, robbed, and did things that I still wonder if GOD will forgive me for. GOD put fear in me that made me stop everything cold turkey, and turn to GOD’s will with haste. GOD put fear in me, to either do as commanded by laws, statues, and commandments or be put to death. I shook for 2-3 weeks, that was the fear GOD put in me.
      Please Sister don’t be fooled we men will do as we please until everything starts to fall apart, then we start begging and panicking. He did what he wanted to do, only children are ignorant. That’s why he hid it from you. Go to GOD, GOD will either make it right or replace it with something better.
      Give it time to show that the problem is fixed, don’t rush into his demands. I am a man I know how we think, and we are all sex addicts. Threw GOD we learn to control it. Think of it this way as easy as it is to be faithful to him, same apply to him lusting for no one but you. If your not enough for him now, you wont be when your married. Trust me, or put him to test.

      Yahudahyah Israel
      ps: If it feels that prayer is not enough, prayer coupled with fasting, and feverish worship will do the trick. GOD will clear your mind trust me, GOD defies nature in my life all the time.

    • I intend to pray, and wait to hear from the Lord. To be honest, right now all I have is principles–I’m sure you’ve already heard from others. You need more. Let’s see what happens.

      With Love, ybic, Bryan

      • GodisLove,
        I’ve been thinking. I can offer little– certainly no life-changing words. I can think about just three things. 1. Be convinced that you are His child. This has been locked in, nothing will change that fact. 2. Get even closer to the Church. There is a deep reservoir of wisdom, peace and joy set in place by the Holy Spirit. Latch on– a pastor, teacher, elder, deacon or a dear saint. 3. Double your times of worship, and the Word. Both are critical, especially now.

        You can change no one. If things get any uglier then they are, you must separate. The discipline of God will be meeting your fiance shortly, if not already. Sexual addictions linger, hiding and popping out in the open from time to time. And usually they are much worse than he describes to you. Both his shame and his deceit must be dealt with. He has forfeited his right to privacy by his addiction, if he wants to stay in the ministry. He needs some brutal accountability.

        And you need a friend. Or two. The enemy is close, but Jesus is closer still. Use the armor of God to stand. Ephesians 6:10-18 could be exactly what you need to now implement.

        Love, ybic, Bryan (Brokenbelievers.com)

  58. please someone pray with me, i’ve got a lot going on and a lot to deal with, including really awful outbursts of anger which are hurting my fiance and my relationship, and 10 year long battle with an eating disorder, and newer medical issues within the past year. as well as having tried dealing with sexual abuse on my own without counseling and pushing god away. as well as having been in an abusive relationship, and losing my dad, nonni, and uncle.
    these problems, besides the medical ones, have been a long time coming and i need someone to pray with and talk to, my engagement is falling apart as well as the rest of my life. i fear that if i don’t get help now, things with progress and never stop.

  59. i need prayer, im addicted to gay porn on the internet and struggling with homosexuality also abuse self anally with foreign objects.

    • I will pray. You used the term, “addicted.” Typically addictions have to be replaced with bigger and stronger ones. I would suggest an addiction to the Lord, through worship and the Word! You seem to be honest and sincere, but it really isn’t enough to bring real change. If the internet is a vital to your sin, “pluck” it out decisively and irrevocably.

      “And if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and cast it from you. It is better for you to enter into life with one eye, rather than having two eyes, to be cast into hell fire.” Matthew 18:9

      This is a critical time for the church. We need disciples who can walk in purity and prayer. You have been called, now walk to Him.

      ybic, Bryan

    • Mike,

      I struggle with internet porn as well. So I installed SafeEyes by internetsafety.com. You can then call tech support and have them reset the admin password that is ONLY known to them. That way, all porn will be blocked without you being able to disable this protection.

  60. Married for 6years with two very young children…my marriage is falling apart.husband is cheating with his coworker but denies about the relationship.confonted the the coworker and she stated she is not involved.now it’s seems like I’m the mistress bec I usually wait for him to come home.he spends more time over there than with us.confirmed or I have proof about his affair but manage to accept it when I confront him about his whereabouts he gets mad and leaves…getting a divorce has been put on the table but of course I don’t want this to happened.right now I’m the only one trying to hold on to this marriage.I need help I don’t want my marriage to fall apart I want my husband back but what do I need to do or is there anything I can still do to have my family whole again.

    • Please call one of these numbers above to talk and pray with someone. You must for the sake of yourself and your children who live through this with you.

  61. My name is Lizbeth and I’m asking for prayers I’m only 24 a single mother my son is 6 years old nd I’m going through a very hard time 3 years ago my parents got deported they left me and my 2 brothers … As the oldest one I have to work so hard to support my family… A year 1/2 ago I met this man at my work he promises me help for me nd my family we left everything behind nd we move in but 6 months ago I was brutally attack by this man me nd my kids didn’t have anywhere to go so we end it up in a shelter for abuse women it’s was nice to be there but it wasn’t the same! This man contacted me again and I trusted him again thinking that he will be better but he got worse he’ll hit me for almost everything till this day I’m still abuse afraid of him he controls me I don’t see the end of this tunnel I wanna leave America nd start again… My vision nd my head are being affected by him… I call the cops on him one time but I cant do it again i feel guilty sometimes i think is my fault nothing i do is good enough for him he for doesnt want me working or doing anything with out him … im very depress i need prayers please my parents are Christians and we are too i strongly believe God has a beautiful purpose for me nd my family every night I wait here patiently for Gods help …. God bless u all nd thank u so much for your prayers!!! With love Family Ruiz!

    • I will bring your needs, to God’s throne. I know you’re in a difficult spot. You need to grab the Bible and read. My favorite passage is Luke 15, start there. Also Psalm 23, 103, and 139 are very good.

      ybic, Bryan

    • Hello Ruiz Family,
      Your words my dear are soooo familiar and from one who knows the pain to the other, I PROMISE You it will be resolved!! You know of Gods power so pull DEEP into that which you know and surrender yourself and the situation’s to Him and leave it with Him. Know from there that God has not created you to be a victim but a voice of victory to all who suffer as many have

      • Ms. L RUIZ,
        Forgive me I was in the middle of a reply to your request and somehow lost the site, I came back and started an additional reply came back to be certain it was posted n ….don’t see it but I hope you did receive it. As I stated I will check in with you and/or hope to see you on YouVersion. “GBWY”

    • Hey Lizbeth, I understand your pain, being there too. I do not know if you are still on that relationship but I want to tell you there is HOPE. God is faithful and He wont leave you alone. If you see this comment and want to talk fell free to email me at tania_sg_@hotmail.com

  62. I am very most impressed with a lady spell caster who brought my husband home after a divorced signed by my husband a week ago. this spell lady got all the details correct from the situation to the physical descriptions and did a spell that made my husband nullify the divorce. Word are not enough to appreciate this spell lady powers I will continue to thank you for reuniting my family forever.
    I would bravely recommend this lady to anyone experiencing family trauma, her email is priestessifaa@yahoo.com. i met her through a friend that she has helped before.

    • In situations where u have enemies the bible says u r suppose to treat them like u treat the ppl u love n leave everything in His hands. No need to do harm to ppl if u r Christian just tell ur Daddy/ Christ. He got it.

  63. my name is Shenell Johnson and i am asking for prayer for my fiance Joseph banks he has suffered a massive stroke and the doctors are saying it doesnt look good we have been together for ten years and have 2 kids and a baby on the way I am scared I dont what i will do with out him my kids adore him and so do I want to lose him I pray that he makes it out of this and I know God is the ultimate healer and he has the last say Im just scared right now.

  64. I just need someone to talk to on the phone. I feel sooooo alone at times. I know God hears me. My friends it seems are no friends at all bc when I’m in need like now, their never around. My family r well known in my community so I can’t talk to ppl I know bc all the info will get back to my family smh. It’s so frustrating not being able to express myself when I need a shoulder to cry on. I’m always there for everyone else but NOBODY is EVER there for me. I’ve thought of suicide b4 just bc I wanted to spite ppl but that’s stupid! I’m not risking a chance in hell. I hate that my family is known like they are bc like now I got issues with them n I can’t talk to nobody I know about my feelings bc they put my parents on an unnecessary pedal stool n look up to them so if I say something negative about them it could ruin my family n I’ll be the blame smh. I’m soooo frustrated too. My mom is crazy abrasive n rude n I can’t tell her that bc I live w/them bc I’m in college. She’s just smh I need somebody to talk to for real!!!! Help please???

  65. I am trying to be a good christian, but its hard cuz i live with an abusive man for 6 years now. We are not married, and i refuse to marry him because he steals from my purse, lies to me, and does unbelievable wrong to me all the time. i tried leaving him several times and then i go back.. I have some feelings for him but i lost all the love i had felt for him. Please dont tell me to leave him and be with GOD, cuz that is what i really NEED to do but I just cant. I want him to change. He is only this way when he is drunk. When he is sober he is a wonderful man. His soberness is what kept me with him this long..

  66. can anyone please help me? Im being intimidated, threatened and harassed by my landlord and the neighbors at my apartment complex. I looked at my tenants rights handbook already so i know my rights. I just need to break my lease because the manager breached the contract.She came into my apartment without 24 hr notice, twice…. Legal aid in my city refuses to help me. They said they were not assisting anyone at this time. Who can i call for help? who plz??? I dont have money for a tenant lawyer….Im a female all alone. I just rented from this apartment complex 1 month ago, and signed a years contract lease..

  67. My Christian husband is verbally abusive and critical of me. He has terrible jealousy problems. No particular person just imagined. Nothing I do pleases him. He wants me to fix our marriage and I cannot do that by myself. Wont go to counseling. Says hes. Fine. Its me that’s the problem. Please pray for us. Losing all hope. Even discourages me from attending women’s Bible studies. And he wont go to any men’s Bible groups. How can a Christian man behave this way. Prayers desperately needed.

    • I have been through lots of verbal abuse from family members. God does not expect you to live like that. If this carries on and he refuses help then you need to separate from him. Perhaps he will then realize he has a problem. Do however tell someone about your situation. Do not be scared or intimidated as abusive people try to be intimidating and try to make you feel that you are the total blame. Do tell your pastor. Do not separate from your church or your womens groups. That is totally what Satan wants. Remember God loves you and will never leave you or forsake you. He is always with you. Love and prayers. I will pray for you and your husband. My name is Curtis Brooker. I live in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.

  68. Hi please help me
    I have a tripled life,married for 15 years in n.y
    Divorce my husband paul,but still leaving with him.
    Get married to b leaving in canada,go to see him every 2 weeks.
    And this fiancé tom living Boston,i want to end the relationship but both men 1and 3told me they loved me,but my plan is to move to Canada,i really do know how to tell them about 2,i lie to 3men and I’m really sorry for my innocent 1husband u really think I’m a angel,cause now im 3weeks pregnant .but i don’t know the father.please I’m getting crasy.

  69. HI, I don’t know it all but can say this book helped alot. Battle field of the mind by Joyce Meyers. Stay in the word it is power. make positive choices, avoid negative people. I will pray for you. You will make it. Dawn

  70. Im at my wits end. My husband has ruined us financially, we lost our home because he has been and continues to be finacially reckless. He won’t listen to reason! He has landed us in judgements, lied and also cheated 3 times. Our 4 children fight amongst each other 24/7 and it is killing me. I don’t know what else to do. I’m lost, broken and just tired of even trying anymore!

    • He has broken the marriage covenant your free to divorce. Get a lawyer get out with the kids and let him pay child support. Run to Jesus not another man. Put God 1st kids 2nd and work 3rd. Be disciplined and stay in the word teach your kids daily in the word go to a real spirit filled church. God Bless Dawn

    • This may seem harsh, but God has been working full-time, on and for you. His lessons are rarely easy, or comfortable. “At wits end” can be a good thing, if it leads you to Him. I wish I had a Christian “magic wand.” But I don’t. All I can say is that you will find Him at His feet.

      ybic, Bryan

  71. I am tired of searching the internet for help. I am currently pregnant with my fourth child, and fighting the demonic prescence of deppresion. Im tired of this fight. None of my pregnancies have been joyful. I had my first two out of wedlock, to which, my grandmother, who abused me most of my childhood, called me a whore, on her deathbed for. I had my third, in spite of my husband not wanting another child, and consulting with the revrend, of the church we attended, im who informed him it woud be best, if I aborted. To which the other christians I was around cosigned saying the hour was to late to have children. And this pregnancy, comes almost 10 years later, when I finally started to reclaim some of my identity, out of an abusive, unfaithful, unspirtually edifying, horrible marriage of 10 years, only to get pregnant at a time when I least wanted a child. I have been abused, abandoned, forsaken, in everyway I can think of most of my life. by unbelievers and ”believers”. I need seriouse help, but I trust NOONE.

    I dont want the baby inside of me to be affected by this. All I want to do is provide a good quality of life for my children, spiritually, physically, and financially. But I am drowning at that. I have raised my children, pretty much by myself, without much phisical help since I was 15. I am burnt out! I hate doing this by myself! I wonder why God is so silent. Where is my help? I feel as if my life has very little value, and I fight that feeling each day. I hate myself, but im afraid to die. Though somtimes I feel close to death in my spirit. I dont know how to reach God. I need him to move!

    Make my face to shine again. I cant do this. Please help me father in heaven. I dont want to live this way anymore. Why am I so weak?

    • Forgive those who hurt you. That does not mean what they did to you was write. Just that we need to let go of unforgiveness and that will set you free.praying for you:-)

    • I truly understand you! I feel your pain. I’ve been pregnant twice and I was fully depressed both times. I had no support from anyone. I wanted to end my marriage but I came across a website Charlene cares and with the help of God my marriage wad saved. I also was led to a grate church that really helped me get out of theg hole I was in. The Potter’s house. Look for one near you aplease look o nly to

    • I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
      where does my help come from?
      My help comes from the Lord,
      the Maker of heaven and earth.
      Psalm 121:1-2

    • Reasonably so. I was in ministry for three years in San Francisco, through a storefront church and ministry. Exodus, controversial as it was, touched a lot of hearts of friends. It may not be for everyone, that’s the way it goes with ‘niche-type’ ministries.

      This links page does not mean I endorse the ministry fully. If you wish, I invite any alternative. Do you know of another work that I could add? Zip me a note and I will seriously consider it.

      (This page gets 40-50 hits a day.)

      ybic, Bryan

  72. Hello I need advice I have looked on the internet trying to find it.I’m a teen. About a couple months ago I made a promise to god not to have sex until merraige. Even before that i have been dating this guy I love him and i want to be with him for the rest of my life but we are well were dating for a year I didn’t even tell my mom. That’s not even the worst part the worst part is me and my boyfriend would this is so emvarrasing we would dry hump and I started to want more and more each time and each time I would come home crying repenting and asking god for forgivness but i kept doing it we went further and further every time but we never got to the point till we were completely naked. We got far and i felt horrible so I broke up with him and tried to live a pure life but I still loved him and he loved me so we started talking and it happened again will god forgive me after all of this I need help:,(.

    • God will forgive you. Make sure you both are never alone together always in public when together so temptation can’t be fullfilled. The word says to flee youthful lust. If the church you go to has a youth ministry confide in the pastors wife not the male pastor. Let your boyfriend know that God comes first if he feels the same he should confide in the youth pastor (male). Both of you should have committed walks with God thru Jesus if he does not break up with him and fall in love all the more with Jesus. What ever we loose for Christ sake is gain and brings him Glory and that is why we are here. Don’t stop and reason in your mind just obey and leave the outcome to Jesus. God Bless

      • I’m very sorry. I know my grammar sucks sometimes. But I can’t afford an editor/proof writer. So I try very hard to do it myself, with miserable results. But I do try to honor Him in all that I write. Sometimes we may jump to conclusions when we see something that really irritates us.

        you’re bother in Chrst,
        Bruan :)

  73. i used to practice witchcraft in my early 20’s i was informed of some news that ended that life for me until tonight an overwhelming urge came over me to do a harmful spell towards some1 that i know is a snake in my life i have prayed for the feelings to be removed but so far it has not happen another spell i want to cast is better finances what should i do

    • I think I know where you’re coming from… At least partially. I, too, practiced witchcraft some years ago. There was a time when i thought i could blend Wicca & Christianity in my life without conflict. I was wrong. Only a select few are chosen by God to wield such powers(such as Jesus’ apostles). God & Christ forbid us to practice such things because in the wrong hands (even well-meaning hands) they can do more harm than good. If u have considered doing harm to others with spell craft, chances are that u r not 1 of the chosen few who should wield such power. If u are not certain that ur ability to wield the craft comes direct from Christ, chances are it comes from Satan. I’m not insinuating that u worship Satan, only that he is crafty enough to deceive & use us for his purposes without us realizing it. So my advice is to stay away from the practice of witchcraft/magic & trust that when you are doing God’s will, God will provide. In closing, let me just say that i have been through a great deal of suffering in my life & just recently realized that it was all necessary to mold me into the devoted servant of Christ that i see myself as today. A lot of it was character-building experiences. So I think God abandons no one. He is giving us what we need when we need it….& sometimes what we think we need isn’t really what we need.

  74. Hi, everything for me is going down hill, I just
    Don’t know how to come about, first I have
    A disable son who been diagnose with cerebral palysa and epilesy seizure at night
    He cries and I seem to not know what is wrong it get very hard especially when I’m working 12 hours a day 7 days straight secondly, I have a 13 year old daughter who has an attitude out this world how can I get her in line. Last I am seeing someone who don’t seem to appreciate all the good thing I done he worrying about the long hours I do and telling me I sleep to much and he constantly checking the phone log online failing number back try to see who I’ll been talking with someone please help I’m lost

    • Hi Shan, I came across your post looking for help in my time of trouble and it made mine seem so small. What your dealing with is alot. I will do my best to give you advice I’m no expert. If I was in your situation I would reach out to the organizations that help parenst with special needs children they have volunteers to give you help. As far as your daughter goes part of it is the age/ hormones nothing you can do about that. Be loving and firm with her, be her parent not her friend. Make sure shes eating right and getting enough sleep. Very important that you tell her your proud of her for any small thing she does. Ex. thank you for getting up and going to school. Tell her she is smart, beautiful and that you love her. Let her know that you wish things were’nt so hard and you had more to give her but your doing the best you can. Spend at least 20 min. 2 times a week just letting her talk to you and not giving your opinion unless she ask. Let the pastor in your church know you need help and prayer. If the guy your seeing is not a 100% devoted mature chrisitian dump him. Make sure you spend time in the word 5 min. a day if that’s all you have. Put on praise music all the time. Make sure your eating and sleeping properly. Speak the word all day and don’t say the things you don’t want. God has not forgotten you. We have a High Priest that is aquainted with our suffering. Do all you do unto the Lord. Do it in his strength. Those that wait upon the Lord will mount up with wings like eagles… You have made it this far. The devil is a liar. I will be praying for you. God Bless Dawn

  75. hello sir, id like to ask for your advice. my mom sufferers from depression. acording to my dad, she always has. i feel i may be the only one who has the pull to bring her to God, to save her. im trying to get her to go to church with me, but she says she might not like it. i did manege to get her to agree to go to a church cafe with me. i relay hope she likes it. i’d do anything to save her. im trying realy hard to help her, but its starting to take its toll on me. im so nervious and scared all the time, and i feel i cant talk about it to anyone. only you and my dad. please, id do anything for my family, and i was hopeing you could help. help me show her the way to happiness. God has done amazing things in my life and i wont him to do the same for her. if you have any advice, any at all, i would be very apreciative. this stuff isnt easy for me, you see. talking about it is realy painful for me, but im willing to try. thank you for listening. God bless/

    • Don’t take her to church. Pray for guidance and prepare to be bold without intimidating your mom. YOU take the lead and do things with her that she enjoys. Be the light and the life for her. Remind her of the light she exudes, and light it Once again with her. Take a different path lead by you.

  76. I am saddened that there is no universal help around the globe.. I am canadian and there does not seem to be a 24-7 phone access for religion let alone mental illness here .. how am I to know what is right and what is wrong, what is manmade or made by Him (as far as religious practices go) Wow would it be easy if there was group meeting or something here but there is nothing in rural parts of my province :'(

    • Hello there. This is a problem more and more of us share as the world has gone farther and farther from God. We hear so many things from “the world” now– most of it encouraging us to do whatever feels good at the time. The problem with this worldview is that it eventually leads to our destruction and much pain and unhappiness because the “if it feels good, do it” worldview is destructive and, in the end, counter to what God has called us to live. Believe me, I’ve been in both camps, and a life of holiness and service to others is so much more rewarding than constant self-gratification. Listen, it stands to reason that if there is a God (and look around us, all the systems that govern the universe and the systems of checks and balances even within our own frail bodies–the codes that govern all life point to a divine creator no matter how hard atheists resist that obvious sign) that He would reveal himself in some way to us. Atheists like to say that there is no evidence of God, but nothing could be farther from true! The whole story of God revealing Himself to first a man, then to a family, then to a tribe, then twelve tribes, a nation, and finally to the world as He Himself came down to live among us. God, not being confined as our understanding, both existed still as the all-powerful entity that governs all life at the same time as He existed in the body of a man, Jesus Christ. The evidence that all this is true is overwhelmingly well-documented. The Bible–both the Old Testament and the New– is the most widely attested-to, witness-based historical account in the history of mankind. Yes, The Bible was “written” by men called prophets through the inspiration from God, and it contains many different kinds of literature–poetry, history, laws both dictated by God and some greatly embellished by communities of people (which is why many non-basic laws that applied to the Jewish people of old no longer apply). At any rate, as soon as a person begins a journey toward knowledge of the one true God and of His Son, Our Lord who came down for us, you will then have the shades that cover right from wrong lifted. You’ll see the world in a different way and as you draw close to God, recognize clearly the things that are good and evil, and be drawn to the good. It’s not an easy road, especially in these days, but I promise you it’s the only truly fulfilling life. God bless and I will pray for you.

  77. um, hi. im not realy sure what to do or say. i keep trying to wright this letter, but i keep getting to nervous and scared to send it. but i realy need some help, i need to tel someone. im always so depressed, like it just comes out of no wear, and im so afraid to tell anyone. i dont wont them to worry about me. now, my mom has started to worry me. i relay wont to help her,to make her happy, but i dont know how, or what to do. i dont what to lose her. i just need some help. ive seen how your help others and how you’ve delt with such feelings. i have to go now, before i delete this. any help at all would be nice, or just the conformation that i told someone the truth, and that its not just in my head. i wrote a letter erlyer, but when i tried to send it, i realy hadent typed it at all. i realy hope that dident happen, but i cant tell.

    • Oh dear one, how much the Father loves you. Just as you are. IDK what to say. But “practice” turning your heart in to His care. (Practice means “repetition.”)

      If things get too wild in your world, you are just an email away from me. I really don’t know what to say, but I can pray.

      ybic, Bryan

      • lord bless you, sir. thank you for your kind words, it relay means alot to me. its nice to know how easy it is to find you. i realy hope that i will be able to turen my parents and myself to god more, and your parer is much appreciated. god bless.

  78. Thank God for you, dear sir. Just knowing a list like this exists has done wonders for the funk I’ve been in for the past week. Sometimes I find myself wondering if God is listening, and then from time to time He reminds me that yes, he is, and that he hears all prayers–even if sometimes the answer is “no.”
    Again, thank God for you, sir.

  79. What you describe is a considerable darkness. It is quite black. It’s quite evil and very lost. The darkness simply isn’t alike anything you have confronted before. You dear one, must understand that he
    is lost, unless God interveness.

    But the Holy Spirit is with you. Keep surrendering to Him, and all should be okay. Believe you me, the certain one you love, will come around

    Believe you me, there are way too many issues right now. But they are focused on you. Face all that is centered on you directly, and all will become well.

    The lifestyle you mention is easily destroyed, but your real addiction to it is not. Trust me. From one felon to another. You an never will never experience a evil this dark if you choose not to face it.

    a serious issue with angen I thinl situation I’m in ( being a convicted felon behind selling drugs) and how hard I’ve tried to leave that lifestyle only to have my spouse continue with the same behavior ( hes selling) it makes me so angry. I have tried to let god work it out in our marriage,but I feel god has just protected him and abandoned me. I wish I could be more christ like in this situation…so please pray that god shows me how to turn from my anger…

  80. Four things in common. They’re US only. And in the UK we don’t have that support. Christianity surely shouldn’t be cut off by those boundaries.

  81. I’m going to make a difference about the fact that there is no support for suicidal christians. I’m going to push through all this horror I’m trapped in, and I know that God’s going to use me. I was never helped, and I’m going to help. Thank you, God. I’m going to actively trust you every day. Thank you for seeing me as someone who could do something.

    • That same impulse led me to introduce Brokenbelievers. It’s like the Sahara Desert on the internet for Christians with mental illness. My occasional urges to murder myself is absorbed by Jesus, and His delightful presence recovers me and upholds me.


      • Please pray for my fiance. He is a new believer but he is afraid tje devil has his soul. I know god and I know my fiance. I told him no because he wants to witness to people and he believes. I read psalms 23 to psalms 27 with him. He’s always lost faith when the devil comes at him too strong but he don’t want to this time. Am I right or wrong

  82. Dear Pastor Rowe, could you please pray for me for various issues. I’ve been told I’m suffering from an anxiety disorder. I am subject to what could be called a persistent sense of unreality or mild faintness; exacerbated by being outside and especially among crowds, and there has been much fear and panic. I’ve also been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, or low thyroid production, for which I’m taking medication. All things considered, it’s hard for me to be out; and I’ve not been to church in a long time. It’s been about three months now that I’ve suffered from the strange sense of unreality. Please pray for me. Thank you and bless you. Carl.

    • Of course I will. These our tough issues and you wouldn’t get a lot from your Synthroid. I have exactly the same issues with anxiety and social isolation. It’s been over a month since I have been to church (and I’m one of pastors).

      I do relate very much, with the anxiety, and depression as well. Write when you can. My personal email is flash99603@hotmail.com.

      Bryan Lowe

  83. hi pastor rowe, i am glad i found your site. i am a christian of 25 years with TBI from a car accident, PTSD, OCD agoraphobic and i have cardiomyopathy and COPD so I can not take psychiatric medicines right now plus IBS and Hypothyroidism. I am sick all the time, without energy and depression kicks me in the butt from morning to night. i was abused and molested by my dad since 5, gang raped at 16, domestic volience for 9 of my 11 year marriage to husband one, husband 2 came after car accident and raped and abused my five children, got that marriage annuled and put him in jail, then husband 3 walked out on me and 7 children after my heart attack and 5 years worth of emotional and verbal abuse. he felt caring for a weak wife and seven kids was too much. thus my deep rooted hatred of people, mostly men. I have a guardian who has literally sacrificed his whole life to demonstrate the love of christ to me. i have a church family that goes out of their way to support my children. but no one understands me. they think i embelish, that depresssion is a manipulative tool to get people to do things for me, that my health concerns are made up, I’m delusional or paranoid, I am sure you heard it all before. i requested a service dog to help me and i was told it would be another mouth to feed and i don’t need it. i am at the point of giving up on life completely. In august i laid out a plan to kill myself and told my guardian so much. i was in the hospital for three months for mental and physical problems. i had no visitors, no phone calls and lots of excuses. Once home i felt like an alien. I could go on and on but you don’t need to hear any of this. my hold on life is dwindling. I want to go home then live this life of being cursed. Because of hurricane irene, i had flooding in my home. I lost seventy % of my belongings, 25 years worth of life. Church freinds came and hauled it away in trucks. I listened to people say it was too much, I needed to clean out my house. It was like watching my life get peed on, but you can’t say that. Anyway, thankyou for being here for us.

    • Please, dear one, be fully at home here. There are almost 1000 posts to choose from, and I have another site at psalmslife.com.

      You have traveled long and hard, it maybe time to bury yourself in grace and worship. As believers, we operate out of seasons. Perhaps you maybe leaving and entering a new one.

      I am just an email away. flash99603@hotmail.com.

      ybic, Bryan

  84. like a lot im definately am going through a rough time. my mom is gone to the emergency room on an ambulance.she has arthritis,diabetes and uses a walker and is on oxygen,i tried to encourage her but she dismisses it. of course im concerned,but im trying to remain strong.i just turned 37,but its been a rough year earlier this year my grandmother died and my x wife and i called it quits.im seeking employment,want my own place and a new partner.god has said man shouldnt be alone.ive tried to reach out to people but were often times rejected,when i ran into decent people it seemed that either i had to leave eventually or they did.ive been misunderstood by many,yet understood by few. im a strong person,but even i can use a support system.

    • Life can be savage, and quite sad. But you already know this. All I can say is that you must turn your life to the Lord, quite completely and most fully. His presence in you, will renew and alter your circumstances. I’m glad you posted here.


  85. Am deeply affected by everything on this blog/ we all think only we have a crisis and then you get a glimpse of anothers’ life and the words there reached into my room with love and grace.. kathyPastor Bryan, my youngest child aged 10, born blind teaches me evvery day to look beyond,into the hug of God…

    i myself have been thru a long illness with no hope at all, except the naked prayers that went from my room to His.
    thisis coming out in a jumble of joy, cuz I just know when we pray for each oher, there is no power that can stand against that.

    much love in Christ, Ray

  86. I should have finished with, my name is Kate. I’m related to you by spirit and I’ll be sitting here praying – hoping that someone ..somewhere calls me. I don’t care if it’s a monkey who just happened to learn how to speak English, anything would do. 810-820-2011

  87. I called probably ten numbers on this page. It’s nearly three in the morning and I’m on hold before going to a mental hospital on Monday. This is the first time I’ve ever tried to call a hotline. I guess I don’t know the meaning of the term. The national suicide hotline referred me to a local number, the local number put me on hold, that number then told me to try another number, the next number suggested I search the internet for twenty-four hour numbers, I end up on this page full of numbers…and I’m still sitting here asking God why it’s so hard to just have someone stop and talk to me. I can tell you from first hand experience that those numbers up there…don ‘t do a whole lot of good in a pinch. It shouldn’t say hotline anywhere on this page. Pine Rest is a mental hospital and that number is for intake. The majority of the rest are closed for business hours. I read your advice to that woman up there…and just shook my head. I have an illness too and when I’m sick it’s not because I’m not being positive, trusting God or out of his presence. My flesh means I have flesh related issues. God is here with me right now, I’m still in pain, I still want to go home and I’m still tired. I don’t even know why I’m saying anything at all really. I guess I just wanted to say that there are a lot of people searching the internet for a human being to speak with on the telephone in an hour of utter pain and this page is a bunch of dead ends and answering machines. I hope the next person who comes along has the patience to dial numbers all night.

    • Yes “hot” might be an overstatement. Perservere dear one. The Father will stick to you like a magnet on you ‘fridge.’ You are a jewel to Him. Let me know please, how it unfolds.

  88. Thanks Pator Bryan,your words and prayers are encouraging. Please Pray if it is God’s will to stay in my circumstances I am now. My husand puts a roof over my head and food to eat, and takes me to the Dr. when I need to go. He povides for me financially. But hardly a touch or encouragement. am I wrong or unthankful. We have been married for 30 years.
    Sincerely, Kathy

  89. Brynan, I need to talk with you. none of the other lines. I am at the end. I had many MENTAL ISSUES AND CHRONIC ILLNESS. I just saw my DR. again. More phisical treatment. I ‘m tired. I have been hospitolizesd 3 0r 4 times for mental issuses and close to 50 times for physical issues, which the Drs always found some physical issue was found.. I was sexulay abused as a chilld. I was raped at 18. a man broken in my bathroom and raped me. I have tried to move on for years. I know something happened that I can not rememmber I was beaten and my husband tried to kill me 3 times. I am a child of God . Why can’t I let it go. I held a gun to my head tonight and as I fired it went through it went through the door. I do not trust help. They only make it worse. I trust no one but you and
    so please help me with words and prayer no one else can I trust you. All the people in m,y life who sais I can trust them has done horrible things to me I try to forget. I don’t know what to do any more . I love you, your sister in Christ, Kathy

    God. I can’t believe I took this so far. I do not wish to die , but just to just have some to listen to hug mr to talk to me and really care. I do not have that around me I feel . Please pray for me. I want to serve the Lord. Why can’t I get pass this? I fell you are my Pastor I read you all the time and I love hoe God speaks to you. I just want to be accepted and loved, your sister. Kathy

    • Dear one,
      So much ugliness happens to us. We simply can’t avoid this. It is evil and dark. But, if we live like the past is the present, we will confuse things. In order to keep our sanity, we must step through this. The wounds that have been inflicted on you are atrocious, and beyond reason. But there is nothing outside the deep grace of God. He loves you passionately. His deep intention is for you to understand this.
      I most certainly will pray for you, Kathy. I will hold you up, and will insert you into His deep presence. He fully intends for you to pass through this, and to shake off all that is dark and ugly. You are meant to be His child, and there is absolutely nothing that can really diminish this.
      Trust in Him, fully and beyond reason.

    • been where you’ve been. I will also pray for you and you can email me anytime anyday. Tasha, your sister in Christ

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