A Mother’s Love- A Father’s Strength

A Mother’s Love –A Father’s Strength

“I will comfort you there

   like a mother

   comforting her child.” 

Isaiah 66:13


Communicating your motives and intentions to someone who is at odds with you is not always easy.  When people form opinions and attitudes and it can be very difficult for us to work through them.  Some just don’t worry about what someone else thinks about them.  Others find dealing with misunderstandings to be agonizing.  They care a great deal when someone has a misconception of them, or questioned their motives.

Israel has questioned God’s treatment of them.  They have determined that God has acted capriciously with them and that He can’t be trusted.  They have concluded that He is uncaring and hard to reach.  People build up these misconceptions and ideas and it seems that nothing can set it right.  The book of Proverbs tells us “that a brother offended is harder to win over then a city with walls”.

The tender imagery of a mother holding a child is something we all can visualize and understand.  It has universal wallop.   God specifically chooses that image to communicate what His true feelings are.  He chooses an example that will convey the burdens and thoughts of His heart.

God loves His people.  We often misinterpret or misconstrue His dealings and attitudes.  But God points to the imagery of a mom with a child to say, “That’s me with you”. This particular verse speak of “comforting”.  The word carries the connotation of  “soothing” or “cooing, calming, quieting”.  When a young one is agitated or upset, a mother is typically the only one who can make a difference.

We live in a world that has distorted and belittled God and the church.  We have satanic influences that disturb and defraud many.  The are many ugly misconceptions and fears that confuse the truth.  Many feel that Christianity is a hokey-sham with little to commend it to the real needs of man.  I know for certain that this is not true.

Brokenbeliever, let God remake Himself in your thinking, reading and worship.  Learn to see from His perspective.  Redo and remodel your thoughts and perceptions.  He is waiting with His motherly arms, to sooth and to calm you.  He can be trusted.


Published by Pastor Bryan Lowe

A repentant rascal with definite issues, but who is seeking to be authentic in his faith to Jesus Christ. An avid reader and a hopeful writer. Husband and father. A pastor and Bible teacher. A brain tumor survivor. Diagnosed with clinical depression, and now disabled. Enjoys life, such as it is, in Alask.a (Actually I have it pretty good.)

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