Finally–A BB Milestone

50,000 Visits




Since September 23, 2009–May 2, 2011 we have reached 50,000 distinct hits on Broken Believers.


We have come a very long way.  On BB first day we had 10 hits,  since than we have climbed very steadily.  Our best day was just a few days ago—the total hits was 712 for the day.  Right now our average is about 180 distinct views a day.  (Sometimes a little less, but often a bit more.)

This ministry to Christians with a mental illness is a rarity indeed.  I look and look and have never found a blog like this with such a ministry focus for these struggling believers.  And the appeal is broader than mental illnesses.  People with other issues benefit by this blog.

I beseech you to pray for the people who come to BB.  Pray for the blog itself, and for me as I battle my own issues.  I have no illusions or self-deception about my own heart condition and dealings I’m working through.  I am most certainly a “broken believer.”

I continue to put together a daily post.  I’ve been somewhat weary the last few weeks.  FYI, I receive no financial help from the BB ministry, rather I have paid the incidentials out of my own pocket.  I guess I just needed to make it clear.

I so hope you’ll continue to make BB a regular stop on your travels.  And if you should read something to merit sending me an email, I’d love it.





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