The Ultimate in Intercession

“I do not ask for these only, but also for those who will believe in me through their word.”

John 17:20, ESV

There is a considerable interest in the last words of a person.  Within them we believe we are hearing words of wisdom and understanding.  Jesus is on his last legs, and he is just waiting until they come and collect him for crucifixion.  He moves directly in this.  He is never caught off guard.  Jesus knows deep-down what is going to happen.

There is an urgency here.  And Jesus starts to pray.  He begins to intercede for his followers. They are like “babes in the woods.”  Because of them, he stands as an intercessor for their safety and all that each might step into.  He loves people, and shows it by his prayer life.

But Jesus reaches.  He not only prays for his disciples, but he extends further.  He starts praying for everyone who will follow him.  He intercedes for you and for me.  This is terribly important to him.  And for us it is a bit astounding.  Jesus prayed for me.  He knew we would come to this place of faith.

When we consider Jesus’ prayer life, we find it to be two things–The first is to be efficient and strong.  The second is to be reaching each believer, whatever generation and whatever culture.  First world, or third world.  He establishes by prayer his victory in the lives of everyone who follows him.

Jesus has the distinct and plain approach of “standing in the gap” for you and me.  It isn’t a long prayer, but it carries a momentum and power that reaches us.  The prayers of Jesus for us are short, but spiritually sweet.  Perhaps, that is the reason you are standing at all!

We live in such grace.  Wherever we look, we should be able to see it.  The new-agers speak of everyone having an aura.  Perhaps a small slice of this carries some truth.  Each of us, as believers, carries a definite presence of something supernatural.  We can’t explain it. But this is real, and authentic.

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