Pearl Grey With Jaggedy Edges


A simple doggerel quickly written down in an inconvenient moment came like a blast, and as soon as it came, it left. I was thinking of the ordinariness of God’s grace, and our apprehension of it. It passes over us, and lest we fail to reach out for it, it will pass us by. We must latch on to it, securing ourself by faith to it’s real presence. I only suppose it will take us to some real ‘impossible’ places.

Pearl grey with jaggedy edges

But with certain hope, we commence

Into it and all that it has for us

(We grasp for all that it has for us)

We take all that He has made for us

Rightfully and truly, surely constant

There is a grace that sustains the weary heart

And a hope that carries us far beyond

this real and precious moment

We rest in this present moment

We rest (and that is the right word)

In the God of the pearl grey

And this jaggedy moment.


I am not a poet, so I hope you are not traumatized by my effort, rather you take it for what it is worth. (I’ve got low expectations here). But please, reach out to His grace in whatever is happening in your life right now. He alone loves you as you deserve to be loved. aabryscript

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