A Rose in the Snow

Merry Christmas, dear ones!  I can only hope, and also pray that Jesus will direct and keep you in His care.  I’m looking to a Christmas a thousand years from today, when He will bring us all together.  I think that we’ll all kick back, and we will try to remember Christmas, 2014.  We will most likely say, “But that was so long ago, it feels like a dream, I’m not sure now…”

Like me, I trust your deepest hopes are pinned on an incredible grace.  The gifts that are for me, under the tree are fabulous.  But we have been given a gift– of gifts.  It is something that ‘rocks our world’.  It’s called ‘eternal life’.  It has been given to us freely, and without any stipulations.  We’ve been ‘cut-loose’ from the tangled mass of sin.  We are now very much free.

I know I need to learn to live like a free man. My mental illness often trips me up. I’m saddened by my weaknesses.  But by extending myself and straining, I can just touch this grace, I pull it in and take and make it as my own.  Jesus has freed me, and I want to walk in truth, with Him, and with you.

Jesus is truly a “rose in the snow.” He has come to this hostile environment, and is precious and beautiful in the eyes of the faithful. I pray that you find Him flourishing in your heart.

Love to you from Brokenbelievers!


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