Shining Forever, and Ever


“The wise people will shine like the brightness of the sky. Those who teach others to live right will shine like stars forever and ever.”

Daniel 12:3, NCV

“So our faces are not covered. They show the bright glory of the Lord, as the Lord’s Spirit makes us more and more like our glorious Lord.”

2 Corinthians 3:18, CEV

In my teenage years, my mom and I attended a bunch of services in a Christian commune.  (This would’ve been in 1972 -73.)  They all lived in a house, and had started a Christian rock and roll band.  I was impressed with what I saw.  When we gathered together for worship, they began to ‘glow’.  I would stare at them and they became ‘illuminated’, I had never seen anything like this before.  The presence of Jesus was there making Himself known in the hearts of His disciples.

Since then I have heard many testimonies of that same dynamic at work.  Confessing believers engaged in prayer and worship, have their countenance changed while in the Lord’s presence.  A peace and a joy and a confidence affects them in a profound way.  Their physical appearance is altered, and they proclaim ‘a peace that passes understanding’.

Since I became a Christian in 1982, I have retained those images in my thinking.  I now am very aware of the “witnessing presence’ of Jesus in the lives of His people.  And scripture itself, on several occasions points to this wonderful dynamic in active gear in the lives of consecrated believers.

When the light comes, it can’t help but transform those of us in darkness.  Our faces, hearts and countenances change when peace and joy (especially knowing our sins are forgiven).  For the first time we can truly know ‘joy’.

Daniel talks about ‘shining like a star’.  This is simply not ‘do-able’ in the mechanics of normal life as an unbeliever, at least for any real length of time.  That is simply not plausible.  The only answer is the Christian’s belief.  Namely, that Jesus Christ who is indwelling every believer, reflects His presence out into a dark world.

A few winters ago I was out walking on the Alaska Bible Institute campus.  Twilight was settling in and 20-30 yards ahead I was jolted by a child’s sled left in a snow pile.  In the monochromatic world of an Alaskan winter, the fluorescent sled glowed and could not be missed.  It was then I understood the verses about Christians being ‘a light on a hill that could not be hid’.

You and I who bear His presence are to be ‘fluorescent’.  His activity in our hearts are to make us astonishingly conspicuous.  We can’t hide His presence (even with sin) and we have been irrevocably marked and adjusted.  We have become ‘glow-in-the dark’.

ybic, Bryan