Deep Water

Tears and sorrow overwhelmed me
day after day after week after year
No relief in sight as hopelessness
appeared to win and then

He drew me out of
deep waters

Each day presents a new challenge
or the same challenge never ending
And I feel like I’m drowning
in evasion and falsehood but

He draws me out of
deep waters

Tedium is like rising water
and I’m not that tall so
it’s sure to be over my head
eventually and yet

He draws me out of
deep waters

New loss reminds of past loss
and grief changes but never goes away
floods emotion unexpectedly
till I’m drowning and then

He draws me out of
deep waters

And in the end I soar above
the deep waters in faith
knowing He will always
draw me out


    1. Hi Margaret, I’m sorry to hear you are struggling right now with your depression. I know it can be almost unbearable when it gets bad. I’m praying our God will hold you in His embrace and help you find His great light in the darkness. May He draw you out of these deep waters and give you peace and rest. Do you have a support system, someone you can confide in who will just walk with you through this valley? If not, know that you are in my prayers and Jesus walks with you always. I encourage you to reach out to one of the resources Pastor Bryan has listed on the blog here, if you need to talk to someone. And remember that you are loved by God and by us here, too.


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