Make Yourselves Holy

Then Joshua told the people, “Make yourselves holy, because tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.”

Joshua 3:5, NCV

There must be people today standing in the place of Joshua.  They holler out to us and motivate us to holiness.  I encourage you to recognize them.  They want you to come to the Father. 

Pastors and elders should be like Joshua, speaking out loud to the Church again and again. Ministry must be consistent and true, as well as a joy that defies human logic and reasoning. The Word has a pointed authority and mandatory– preach it.

There is effort that is involved, “Make yourselves holy.”  We must decide if this is going to happen.  But holiness isn’t like the “common cold,”  you just don’t simply catch it.  Rather it is an intense decision to be something more than you are right now. 

We make that effort to be His, set apart to be very different from everything around us.  Clearly, we must make it– or we will fake it! Apostasy works deep into our souls, and it deadens the Holy Spirit’s holy work that is happening inside.

Joshua declares the things the Father intends to do in the lives of his people.  It requires a commitment that gets out and sweats.  It gets down to work. 

Jesus told the people, “to prepare the way of the Lord.”  We prepare, and he comes.  I started to think of Elijah, on Mt. Carmel.  He worked to build an altar for the Lord.  He cleared a spot, and then moved rock to create an altar.  But his effort, was not to make a monument, but to create an altar–which was completely expendable.

The Father comes to Carmel, blasting and blazing.  Everything comes however, by his people making a way, and that takes a lot of forethought.  We must prepare a way for him to come, and then we’ll not be disappointed. Smooth the roadway, the King is coming!

“Tomorrow” takes us to a forward place.  We are to anticipate his coming to us, and tomorrow means we start expecting.  It’s not quite here yet, but we expect Him to show, to make us and change us.  But, it is “tomorrow.” 

Today we must work.  We must bring things into a definite order, to create the environment that brings him close.  We must prepare for Him and watch and pray. There are altars that need to be built. There are animals to be gathered for the sacrifice. Sometimes we need to workout the effort of a stumbler’s grace.

The last part of this verse, is perhaps the best.  “The Lord will do amazing things among you.” 

Something special is coming!  We can expect events that amaze us.  We can deeply appreciate his dramatic presence that changes everything.

We intend to make Him supremely comfortable in our hearts.

But are you “preparing the way of the Lord?”  You must step in the wind of the Spirit and set in place, like Elijah, the altar in which he will come.  Evil will resist you.  The darkness becomes an issue.  You have to ignore it, and press in to building that altar. 

The near future holds God’s plans, and we understand (for the most part) his supreme effort in the hearts of men.  Jesus will change us, and we will become like someone else. Now, we must work His fields.


  1. This aligns with my heart and what I’ve been hearing about wrestling before God. It takes more than submission. It takes effort too and a determination. Thank you!


  2. Oh my, Pastor Bryan. This post is one of the most profoundly Truthful I have encountered in a long time. Deep…urgently reminding that without man will see God. A people preparing the way for His return…will be a people who are deliberately making themselves ready. I am deeply encouraged by this post. And I needed to be encouraged. Thank you for being open to Truth.



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