5 thoughts on “tears”

  1. I first ran across this in psalms many years ago and I recently found it again in psalms. I have found solace in it many many times and it’s nice to know others do too.
    I hope we hear from Bryan in the picture.


  2. May I ask you if I can link up to this image of Tears in A Bottle and put it on my Pinterest “Faith” Board? Do you know who the artist is that originally created this image? I’ve been looking around but cannot find the artist name. I loved the blog post that went with this and would like to link up from that post if I get your permission. Won’t do it otherwise.

    Thank You!
    Lee Ann


    1. Lee Ann, I wrote the post that this image was included in, but Bryan Lowe added the picture and I don’t know where he got it or if he created it himself. Hopefully he will be able to let us both know. Peace, Linda


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