Are You Desperate Yet?

If we are unfaithful,
    he remains faithful,
    for he cannot deny who he is.” 

2 Timothy 2:13, NLT

There are often times of great despair; when sin or sickness is definitely in the spotlight. Losing hope is an easy response for mere mortals like us. There can be a place where the darkness won’t lift; and it’s at that point you realize that you’re simply in over your head.

I know that feeling quite well.

I have depressive bipolar disorder and because of that I tend to camp out at the margins where it seems like the grace of God evaporates. Whether it is my sin or circumstances, I occasionally feel pretty much abandoned, and it usually is something self-inflicted. (Or is it? I’m not always sure.)

We have this glaring tendency to put ourselves in where we should not have been. And condemnation means no comfort can get through to us.

We wonder if God has finally given up on us, throwing us in the trash heap of lost souls. We might feel that’s what we deserve.

“Many are saying about me, “God won’t rescue him.” 

Psalm 3:2

In Psalm 3, David has come to the realization that his sins have “tainted” him. He talks of many enemies that have suddenly gathered, and they are claiming that David had now gone outside of God’s grace and favor. Forever.

The theology of this seemed logical. David had sinned greatly. And just perhaps he had. David’s sin of adultery and murder was heinous and depraved. His enemies suggested that God would now abandon him.

Our own sin may be excessive, but God’s faithfulness is even more extreme.

”Lord, your love reaches to the heavens, your loyalty to the skies.’

Psalm 36:5

The grace of God is limitless. It is beyond human comprehension or reasoning. When He committed Himself it was for forever. King David understood this, and would survive the devastating fall-out from his sins. Indeed he would reap all that he sowed (Gal. 6:7-8).

You see, Jesus has taken every ounce of your sin upon Himself.  

That includes your faithlessness. He has done this astonishing thing out of the deep depths of His love and mercy. We don’t deserve it and we can’t pretend it is something else. A heart welded to His knows this. We are “saved by grace through faith.”

Do you still feel God has abandoned you forever?

Dear one, there is an unholy war on the saints that Satan is waging. He hates your simple trust in God and will shake it anyway he can. He blisters believers hoping to discourage them. And he doesn’t ever fight fair.

“The Lord appeared to us in the past, saying:“I have  loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.”

Jeremiah 31:3

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Author: Pastor Bryan Lowe

Studying God's Word is my joy. I want you to understand that there is nothing greater than a life given to Him. I'm an ordained pastor who lives in Alaska.

3 thoughts on “Are You Desperate Yet?”

  1. Hello! I am Tina🌻
    For 15 years my life just fell apart.I couln’t take it anymore,going crasy in my head.Always fighting Guilt,Guilt,Guilt! All my life and than it happened,I started cutting myself very badly and it makes 15 years now.
    Falling into oppsessions on everything to try to quite down this horrible Guilt!
    Being a Christain since the age of 16, even knowing and pepole telling me that with Jesus there is no Guilt,but it never left me!
    Told in 2000 by a Psy that I was living with severe Borderline Personality Disorder and severeOCD (horrifing intrusive thoughts)that started really at the age of 17.Now I am 51 years old.
    For all theses years going in and out of Psy (Hospitals) In 2006 , 21 electrochocs and so many therapies and pills.Going to church to church,counceling,praying,praying and praying to be healed but nothing worked.Well I must say yes prayer worked cause I am still alive after so many stupid and dangerous things I did. Thank you Lord for keeping me!
    I hurt so much inside.All what my heart desires to live and shine for our Lord,well I just feel paralized for so long,not aboul to advance not only cause of my mental state but this horrible Guilt!
    I always say that this is all my fault,that I deserve to be punished and many times well it always says in my mind that I am a mean person.How can God forgive me,so I cry and cry while my good husband tries to tell me all the time to stop listening to theses voices and bad thoughts that are not true!
    Theres a friend of mine (that does not believe in mental illness) tells me and just this week that my problem is between me and God.That there is a sin in my life and God is permitting this in my life to teach me something!
    Her knowing that I live Guilt so intensely,well I felt myself again falling off a cliff.Last January by her saying something to me almost costed my life.
    As nice of a person she is,it makes a long time my husband tells me to stop all contact with her and now I can’t take it anymore.I love her very dearly but I get troubled to much with certain things she says.There are some beautiful things she also says,but I am just crushed by the things she says that I just feel like cutting or kill myself after.She often said to me that my problem is my pride.I pass my time and so much energy repenting yes of my pride but my hole Christain life were days just repeating Forgive me God,Forgive me God etc……………
    This week I was really not well and I looked at a video about Borderline Personality,with my husband and it helped us to understand abit more of what is going on and it could not be more true than what I listened to.
    This is apart of my deep suffering of OCD ( not saying this to have pity but it is my reality)
    There are times i am better like if I am on a HIGH
    Of corse I ask the Lord that its just to much that I can’t take it any longer!
    Yes,I lose hope sometimes but it comes back but I want to stay with my Jesus❤️
    I do believe that He could heal me and ofcorse its all my families and friends desire.I must trust in Him.He is in control!
    If ever you are interested to listen to this little video aboutBPL Here is the site
    “What Borderline Personality Disorder feels like…(Trigger) VIDEO
    PLEASE,be careful if you decide to listen to this little video,cause it could trouble you.My point is that BDL is not known very much like other mental sickness and it could also be misunderstood.
    It could also help you to understand if you are living with BDL.Well it helped me to understand more.
    PS.If ever I said that hurt or desturbed you by what I wrote or by leaving this video please forgive me but maybe it could help someone and that someone I would like to incourage you to Keep faith and continue to love our savior Jesus-ChristHe understands us! 🌻
    Love Tina 🌻🌻


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