Madness Dancing, [Something Different]

Madness Dancing, by Bob Bennett 1990 Cornerstone Music Festival Songs from a playlist on my ‘iTouch.’ An old classic by a Christian singer/songwriter that is one of my favorites. This expresses my own heart toward worship, and reminds me of a ‘first-love.’ Bob has many more wonderful songs. I can recommend him, that is ifContinue reading “Madness Dancing, [Something Different]”

Brokenbeliever’s Announcement

As of July 30, 2014 we have surpassed a half of a million (500,000) views. started in September 6, 2009 when I made that first post, “Sunday Funnies”. You can see it here, We have reached a lot of people, and I look forward to reach even more brokenbelievers. This site really grewContinue reading “Brokenbeliever’s Announcement”

My Health at This Moment, Sunday, March 10

Follow-up. It’s Sunday morning here in Alaska. We survived already this morning– DST, an earthquake, dog poop on the carpet, and snow, and it’s not even noon yet. (Can’t wait to see what the afternoon will bring.) I had my appointment Friday, and my doctor was blown away. My Bell’s Palsy is diminished by aboutContinue reading “My Health at This Moment, Sunday, March 10”

Several Things I Want You to Know

The snow that you see falling is a simple gift from who hosts the site Brokenbelievers.  It was an option, and I liked it.  So, whether you like it or not.  The snow will fall on your screen.  Get out your shovel. We also have just surpassed 90,000 hits.  That’s a whole lot ofContinue reading “Several Things I Want You to Know”