Finally–A BB Milestone

50,000 Visits   ______________   Since September 23, 2009–May 2, 2011 we have reached 50,000 distinct hits on Broken Believers.   We have come a very long way.  On BB first day we had 10 hits,  since than we have climbed very steadily.  Our best day was just a few days ago—the total hits wasContinue reading “Finally–A BB Milestone”

Theoretically Hackable

I encountered this particular phrase as I attempted to do a download from a reasonably effective source.  They came out and made this simple statement.  I suppose it was done for legal issues.  It was “theoretically hackable.” (That word, “theoretically” cracks me up!)  But I understand what it means. And I started to see something.  It was a thingContinue reading “Theoretically Hackable”