Understanding People (Not Problems)

People of Understanding “Then, by the good hand of our God upon us, they brought us a man of understanding, of the sons of Mahli the son of Levi, the son of Israel, namely Sherebiah, with his sons and brothers, eighteen men . . .” Ezra 8:18 *** Having understanding is a step towards compassion. OhContinue reading “Understanding People (Not Problems)”

You’re His Special Delight

Delighted In “He also brought me out into a broad place; He delivered me because He delighted in me.”  Psalm 18:19 God doesn’t deliver us because He feels He has to, or should, but because He wants to. Lord, thank You for taking delight in us. May we delight in You as well! And here’s aContinue reading “You’re His Special Delight”

Long Furrows

The Plowers “Many a time they have afflicted me from my youth; Yet they have not prevailed against me. The plowers plowed on my back; They made their furrows long.” Psalm 129:2-3 The farmers here have begun making long furrows. Lord, help us trust our deep afflicted places to you, that You may plant good inContinue reading “Long Furrows”