Photo: Embracing Uniqueness

Everyone of us is very different than anyone else.  Think “snowflakes” and you begin to get a grip on exactly how unique we really are.  The Book of Genesis tells us that we are created in the image of God.  And the Bible alludes to a complexity and creativity about human beings that is breathtaking in scope and substance.  […]

Photo: Night Sky

The heavens tell us about the Glory that God has.  We look up and see a universe that was created, and is now on display.  I remember on an isolated beach in Mexico.  One night, the entire Milky Way was revealed.  I laid on the sand transfixed by it all.  Suddenly, I got afraid and […]

2000 Hits!

Just arrived at a milestone which I honestly never imagined. has just had its 2000th hit!  Thank you everyone for making this possible.  I have a real pumped feeling about this [if you couldn’t tell already] and God is good.   FYI. Photo is of Vernon Mickey– First Baseman for the Washington Senators and the […]