Suffering That Baffles Us

”Sometimes it takes a long, long time before we can glean enrichment from the deprivation and suffering which has baffled and overwhelmed us.” Mildred Tengbaum Seldom do puzzles solve themselves. Jigsaw puzzles especially. We sit at the table turning the pieces over, separating the “edges” to start. It’s slow going; we look at the pictureContinue reading “Suffering That Baffles Us”

Stability and Strength

“Is it not my family God has chosen?     Yes, he has made an everlasting covenant with me. His agreement is arranged and guaranteed in every detail.     He will ensure my safety and success. David’s last words, 2 Samuel 23:5, NLT Covenant is a critical ingredient to our faith. Understanding it gives stability and a strength thatContinue reading “Stability and Strength”

There is a Crack in Everything

“Ring the bells that still can ring/Forget your perfect offering/There is a crack in everything/That’s how the light gets in.” Leonard Cohen,  Anthem A crack in everything. As someone who has experienced brokenness in my life,  I appreciate the wisdom of these simple words. You see, I am intensely aware of being different then others.Continue reading “There is a Crack in Everything”

Chosen People of Faith

The Shepherd of Hermas, written c.125 AD, repeatedly declares that the Church has always existed, since the beginning of creation. The Old Testament believers are joined by those in the New Testament Christians in one single community of faith. Paul asserts that this faith unites us with each other; that we all have a commonContinue reading “Chosen People of Faith”