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The Gospel According to Job

Today, I want to bring out this book, out into the spotlight.  It is a tremendous devotional that makes its way through the book of Job.  I have leaned on it, and it has held me nicely.  I challlenge you … Continue reading

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Book Review: “When the Darkness Will Not Lift”

There are Christians for whom joy seems unattainable. What will we tell them . . . “When the Darkness Will Not Lift?” ………………………………………………………… “It is utterly crucial that in our darkness we affirm the wise, strong hand of God to … Continue reading

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Frederick, [Handling Giftedness]

I have always loved to read. I was given books by my mother, and these books were like gold. I had been a avid patron of the library, but terrible at returning books. I had pretty much been branded as “persona non … Continue reading

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Recommended Study Book: Ryken’s Bible Handbook

Ryken’s Bible Handbook Amazon’s Price: $13.58 This book gives students of the Bible a quick overview of every book in the Bible. Leland Ryken’s distinctive trait is a literary approach to the Bible–understanding the Bible as literature. The three authors … Continue reading

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BrokenBelievers: My Story, Redux

  Hello! My name is Bryan Lowe and I guide this blog, I’m also a Christian pastor and Bible teacher who struggles with a ripping case of Bipolar Disorder I, and a walloping dose of Hepatitis C  (which I contracted using IV drugs.) Alaska Bible … Continue reading

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My Book List

This is a list of books that I can recommend to people who have a need, or just want to be informed.  The majority of these on the list are for Christians who have a mental illness. Grace for the … Continue reading

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