BrokenBelievers: My Story, Redux

  Hello! My name is Bryan Lowe and I guide this blog, I’m also a Christian pastor and Bible teacher who struggles with a ripping case of Bipolar Disorder I, and a walloping dose of Hepatitis C  (which I contracted using IV drugs.) Alaska Bible Institute: Refuge Chapel of Homer:  I have a burden for a blog that willContinue reading “BrokenBelievers: My Story, Redux”

My Book List

This is a list of books that I can recommend to people who have a need, or just want to be informed.  The majority of these on the list are for Christians who have a mental illness. Grace for the Afflicted- Matthew S. Stanford, PHD* Manic, A Memoir- Terri Cheney Exuberance, The Passion for Life-Continue reading “My Book List”