Several Things I Want You to Know

The snow that you see falling is a simple gift from who hosts the site Brokenbelievers.  It was an option, and I liked it.  So, whether you like it or not.  The snow will fall on your screen.  Get out your shovel. We also have just surpassed 90,000 hits.  That’s a whole lot ofContinue reading “Several Things I Want You to Know”

Finally–A BB Milestone

50,000 Visits   ______________   Since September 23, 2009–May 2, 2011 we have reached 50,000 distinct hits on Broken Believers.   We have come a very long way.  On BB first day we had 10 hits,  since than we have climbed very steadily.  Our best day was just a few days ago—the total hits wasContinue reading “Finally–A BB Milestone”

Administrative Mumbo Jumbo

***   One.  The comments option is being used more and more.  A total of 501 comments have been posted on BB as of today.  This is a wonderful thing as I think of all the effort that this takes.  Each comment is read and thought through.  Sometimes I’ll respond, if it seems the situationContinue reading “Administrative Mumbo Jumbo”

B.B. Administrative Page

Yesterday we passed the milestone of 500 posts on Brokenbelievers. com.  Looking at this, I can hardly believe it, but it really is just plugging away, day after day.  Thank you for your support of BB. And now, we are also approaching 20, 000 hits.  We should reach this milestone late tonight or early tomorrow. Continue reading “B.B. Administrative Page”