Antidepressants for Believers?

What do you think of Christians taking antidepressants? By Pastor John Piper, given on March 30, 2010 The following is an edited transcript of the audio. What do you think of Christians taking antidepressants? I have been on them and have been accused of not relying on God. That relates to an earlier question about howContinue reading “Antidepressants for Believers?”

Should I Take Medication? by John Piper

What’s Your Take on Christians Using Antidepressants? by John Piper In the end I’m going to say that there are times when I think it is appropriate, but I want to go there cautiously and slowly, with warnings. Depression is a very complex thing. It’s got many layers. I think we all would agree thatContinue reading “Should I Take Medication? by John Piper”

Becoming Manic: What You Can Do

Top tips for coping These are a list of things that people who have difficulties when they become high or manic have found helpful: Try to get some sleep. Going without sleep has been shown to cause manic states and make them last longer. Eat well. Don’t go without food or eat high energy food.Continue reading “Becoming Manic: What You Can Do”