Scorners Have a Certain Power

  I finally broke through and realized that I am a consummate scorner.  I have cultivated this for many years, and especially the last five.  I will tell now, I am to scorning as Tiger Woods is to golf.  I have been diagnosed with Hepatitis C, a durmoid brain tumor, lung issues with a chemicalContinue reading “Scorners Have a Certain Power”

Pride on Rollerskates

    Our foolish pride comes from this world, and so do our selfish desires and our desire to have everything we see. None of this comes from the Father. 1 John 2:16, CEV   You and me– We are trying very hard to escape from the evil found everywhere in this world system.  Satan’s accessContinue reading “Pride on Rollerskates”

Zero Spirituality

Zero:  Diminishing  He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less. John 3:30, NLT   Before our Lord appeared, John the Baptist had incredible popularity.  Thousands and thousands came to him as he preached in the wilderness of Judea.  However when Jesus initiated His own ministry, people left in droves toContinue reading “Zero Spirituality”

A Wing and a Prayer– Thomas Merton

 How close God is to us when we come to recognize and to accept our abjection and to cast our care entirely upon Him!  Against all human expectation He sustains us when we need to be sustained …  Hope is always just about to turn into despair, but never does so, for at the moment ofContinue reading “A Wing and a Prayer– Thomas Merton”