Exuberantly Alive, [Being Bulletproof]

“The glory of God is a person fully alive” said the church father Irenaeus. Psalm 18 shows David exuberantly alive with the life of God. It is filled with rich imagery of God’s deliverance and blessing upon people the people of faith. I want Psalm 18 to become my story! I want it in myContinue reading “Exuberantly Alive, [Being Bulletproof]”

Devotions, [Eugene Peterson, Interview]

Interview with Eugene Peterson Why Can’t I Hear God? By Nancy Lovell The musical group U2’s Bono quotes Eugene Peterson from the stage. Readers of the best selling Bible, ‘The Message,’ find themselves holding onto lines from his ‘fog-slicing’ Bible paraphrase, and many other works. For several years now, TheHighCalling.org has provided a daily prayerContinue reading “Devotions, [Eugene Peterson, Interview]”

“The Church Collects Sinners,” [God’s Hospital]

This following excerpt is from the devotional book, “Living the Message,” by Eugene H. Peterson.  This pastor-professor is probably the person I want to grow up to be like; he has a gentleness and eloquence that is seldom seen–and highly respected. Author of many books, and his extraordinary translation of the Bible, titled “The Message”Continue reading ““The Church Collects Sinners,” [God’s Hospital]”

Lost Sheep: A Love that Will Pursue You

We live in difficult times, and it is easy to lose your way.  I have discovered that Christian believers can be as broken and lost as anyone else.  The One who shepherds our souls is working to retrieve us and bring us to safety,  looks for us and brings us home.  I really like the following passage,Continue reading “Lost Sheep: A Love that Will Pursue You”