Sunday Funnies: Tortured English

In a Tokyo Hotel: Is forbidden to steal hotel towels please. If you are not a person to do such a thing is please not to read notis. In a Bucharest hotel lobby: The lift is being fixed for the next day. During that time we regret that you will be unbearable. In a BelgradeContinue reading “Sunday Funnies: Tortured English”

Sunday Funnies: The Other Ten

Thou shall not worry, for worry is the most unproductive of all human activities.   Thou shall not be fearful, for most of the things we fear never come to pass.   Thou shall not cross bridges before you come to them, for no one yet has succeeded in accomplishing this.   Thou shall faceContinue reading “Sunday Funnies: The Other Ten”

Sunday Funnies: Men vs. Women

Arranged by topic, these observations will be having you think about the roles of men and women and how they differ. SHOPPING: A man will pay $2 for a $1 item he needs. A woman will pay $1 for a $2 item that she doesn’t need. WORRY: A woman worries about the future until sheContinue reading “Sunday Funnies: Men vs. Women”

OCD: Plain & Simple

  A woman visits her dermatologist, complaining of extremely  dry skin and seldom feeling clean. She showers for two hours every day. A lawyer insists on making coffee several times each day. His colleagues do not realize that he lives in fear that the coffee will be poisoned, and he feels compelled to pour mostContinue reading “OCD: Plain & Simple”