Music Soothes the Soul

By Linda K. Anyone who has read much of my blog, Linda Kruschke’s Blog, knows that I love music. I’ve devoted my Monday posts to music topics and many other days end up including a music component, too. Music can lift my spirits, give me encouragement, and get me moving when I’m down. But over theContinue reading “Music Soothes the Soul”

CCM Classic Spotlight on 2nd Chapter of Acts

Live at an outdoor concert, “Mansion Builder“  The 2nd Chapter of Acts was a Jesus Music and early Contemporary Christian Music group composed of sisters Annie Herring and Nelly Greisen and brother Matthew Ward. They began performing in 1973 and enjoyed their period of greatest success during the 1970s. The group disbanded in 1988. (From,Continue reading “CCM Classic Spotlight on 2nd Chapter of Acts”

Early CCM–Spotlight on the Imperials

This is the CCM group “The Imperials.”  The song (which was a hard choice) is “Water Grave.”  They recorded a lot of music in the 70s and 80s.  They were regarded as “golden,”  with a substantial presence in the CCM scene. From Wikipedia–    “The Imperials are an American Christian music group that has been aroundContinue reading “Early CCM–Spotlight on the Imperials”

CCM Classic Spotlight on DeGarmo & Key

 “Long Distance Runner” by DeGarmo & Key from the album “No Turning Back:Live,” 1982, Lion & Lamb Records   You are a long distance runner You can feel the pain in your side Yet you must run on You are a long distance runner Keep your face in the wind And you’ll soon be homeContinue reading “CCM Classic Spotlight on DeGarmo & Key”