Bryan’s B.B. Thoughts, Friday

It’s still a gray day, here in Alaska, and I’m dealing with some depression symptomology.  I’m glad I am being “held tight” by the Lord.  Phil. 1:6 is my promise that He won’t give up, but continue His work, no matter what.

Watched a nature show last night.  It was about a submersible that is taken to the bottom of the sea.  In the pitch blackness it shines high intensity lights.  It has been able to film sea creatures that have not ever been seen before.  It was fascinating to watch.

This morning, in prayer I began to think about explorers, like for example

Exploring the Kingdom of God
Exploring the Kingdom of God

 “Lewis and Clark”.  They opened up the American west by their effort to move to the Pacific Ocean.  I was thinking about the journey, the effort we have to take as a “sojourner’, not a resident.

There must be “intentionality of purpose” to develop such an attitude.  I want the attitude of an explorer of spiritual truth.  Opening up new areas of the truth and experiencing the character of God.  Having renounced the world, we journey with the Spirit through the Word as investigators (and experiencers) of the truth.

Thanks to Jesus, who makes it possible by His blood  for us to enter into this new territory.

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