Outside the Darkness Are Certain Colors

  A Poem of Certain Colors Living in darkness no color I see a hint of deep blue maybe red– but no, only blackness Tears flood the darkness trying to wash away the blackness to reveal the color I know must be near I’ve heard stories of vibrant yellow sunshine smiling green trees happiness inContinue reading “Outside the Darkness Are Certain Colors”

Darkness Hovers

This poem was inspired in my prayers for Pr. Bryan Lowe, but it is relevant to all who struggle to keep depression at bay. It was originally posted at my blog, Linda Kruschke’s Blog. There are people in this world who seem to always be upbeat and to think positively about things. Darkness seems farContinue reading “Darkness Hovers”

A Taste of a Poem

  by Linda Kruschke Darkness to Light – A Poem I have been challenged us to stop hiding behind the masquerade of a perfect life, and share our struggles so that others might benefit from our journey with God. Then yesterday morning, during my prayer time, a poem came to me that shows my ownContinue reading “A Taste of a Poem”

Poem~ The Bird Who Couldn’t Fly

  by Rebecca Bagley You couldn’t understand, even if you tried, the reason that she cries at night, the reason she tries to hide. Don’t try to come close, she’ll just push you away, there’s something that you don’t know, words she couldn’t say. She tries with all her might, to be herself around herContinue reading “Poem~ The Bird Who Couldn’t Fly”