Jesus and the Bible Explanation

The Names & Titles of Jesus Christ As found in the Bible. Advocate (1 John 2:1) Almighty (Rev. 1:8; Mt. 28:18) Alpha and Omega (Rev. 1:8; 22:13) Amen (Rev. 3:14) Apostle of our Profession (Heb. 3:1) Atoning Sacrifice for our Sins (1 John 2:2) Author of Life (Acts 3:15) Author and Perfecter of our FaithContinue reading “Jesus and the Bible Explanation”

Thinking Out Things

There is a full treatment that the Father intends to work in us. And He will work in us, and we can’t prevent its work.  We don’t really want Him to make us a saint.  But He carries out a different plan.  We shouldn’t be entirely surprised to have Him inside of us, working and building. Continue reading “Thinking Out Things”

Managing God: We Insist on Quality!

God’s Quality Management Questionnaire God would like to thank you for your belief and patronage. In order to better serve your needs, He asks that you take a few moments to answer the following questions. Please keep in mind that your responses will be kept completely confidential, and that you need not disclose your nameContinue reading “Managing God: We Insist on Quality!”

Dismantling Certain Things

“God planned for us to do good things and to live as he has always wanted us to live. That’s why he sent Christ to make us what we are.” Ephesians 2:10, CEV  We all need to wear a sign over our hearts, “God at Work.”  The first step is “God planned.”  He has the blueprints concerningContinue reading “Dismantling Certain Things”