Meet the Broken Believer’s Writers

Serving Rascals, Clumsy Disciples, and Mentally Ill Believers with the Unconditional Love of Jesus Christ

Pastor Bryan Lowe

Bryan Lowe has followed the Lord for over 40 years. He graduated from the Alaska Bible Institute in 1984. He has served in urban missions as a writer and street preacher. He pastored a small church in Alaska, and taught the Gospels in a Bible college for several years. Bryan worked as a missionary in the migrant camps in Northern Mexico.

He was ordained twice as a pastor. “The first one didn’t take I guess.”

He was the pastor of Kachemak Christian Center in Homer, Alaska. He left the full-time ministry with severe medical problems, chronic depression, a brain tumor, and a paralyzed right arm.

He started in 2007.

He has other sites at, and

Linda L. Kruschke (and Roman)

Linda L. Kruschke writes candid memoir and fearless poetry, and she delves into hard issues others tend to avoid. Her heart’s desire is that you come to know God’s redemption and healing are just a story away. She struggles at times with depression and chronic pain, and her heart’s desire is to show compassion to others who do as well.

She also loves God and His beautiful creation. 

She has her own website at and is a regular contributor at


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