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Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, some good news.  NetworkedBlogs gives out rankings for the top 50 blogs on a variety of subjects.  I honestly have paid it no mind, because this is not about having good numbers or popularity.  I just want to be faithful.

Broken Believers was positioned #3 in a list of 50 under the topic of Bipolar Disorder and #1o under the subject of Depression.  I look and shake my head in amazement.  I did not imagine this.  I have simply challenged myself to write a good, honest blog that would touch Christians in a sensitive area in their lives.  Sometimes its been difficult, but most of the time it is a joy.

As of today, Tuesday, November 24th at 11:30 AKST we have had 1,387 hits.  We started counting Sept. 1. These are distinct hits and don’t include me as I meander through the site.

I guess we tapped into a real need thats out there.  Yesterday, I went ahead and purchased our new domain name, and moved the site.  We are now at  (Don’t worry, the old domain name will work for awhile.)

On a personal note; since I left teaching at ABI, and stepped out of being a full-time pastor, I thought I was finished.  All I have ever wanted to do is be a Pastor, and to have that taken away was like having an arm or a leg amputated.  I know I will never be a senior pastor again.  But, I’m ok with that (sorta).

If I can serve you in any way, please email me, or send it through the “post” option where it says “Leave a Comment”.  Thank you for your notes of encouragement, I save every single one of them.  (I delete the negative ones, however, lol)

One thought on “Site Update

  1. Hi Bryan and Lynn,
    I know that you don’t remember me since it has been almost a lifetime since I saw you both in Homer, Alaska. I was and am a friend of your mom’s from the old California Days. I came to Alaska for the first time and stayed with the both of you for about seven days back in the early 90’s and I recently connected back with your mom and dad. Needless to say she told me your story. I currently work with children who have bi-polar disorder and other disabilities and if I can be of any help to you in any way don’t hesistate to contact me. I work for Los Angeles Unified School District in Ca. My love to your family and if I can find some of my old pictures, I will send them to you.


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