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Nothing Here, Please Move Along Folks


Common enough reply, when the police regard a crime scene as  too nasty to look at. This happens far too often I suppose. We have “people” to take care of such ugliness for us  Sad but also true.

There is sometimes a “well deep ”  awfulness that ventures far beyond anything we just might consider. Those of us “who are honored enough are often “invited” to a crime scene that is  a  awful dark sadness. Sometimes the dark evil we encounter can keep us up late at night.

Evil is alive and well on planet Earth. It bubbles its way through our veins and clogs our arteries. But Jesus has come to us, He has intervened, and if you can believe this, you will be saved; in the best sense of the word.

Ybic, Bryan

1 thought on “Nothing Here, Please Move Along Folks”

  1. I sometimes forget what a heated battle we’re in each day. So Thankful to the Lord for His SACRIFICE, and for intervening on our behalf.


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