In His Steps, Reading #48

In His Steps Chapter 29   The breakfast hour at the settlement was the one hour in the day when the whole family found a little breathing space to fellowship together. It was an hour of relaxation. There was a great deal of good-natured repartee and much real wit and enjoyable fun at this hour.Continue reading “In His Steps, Reading #48”

In His Steps, Reading #47

In His Steps Chapter 28   It was the afternoon of that morning when Burns was installed in his new position as assistant janitor that he was cleaning off the front steps of the Settlement, when he paused a moment and stood up to look about him. The first thing he noticed was a beerContinue reading “In His Steps, Reading #47”

In His Steps, Reading #46

In His Steps Chapter 27   “Righteousness shall go before him and shall set us in the way of his steps.”   The Bishop was not in the habit of carrying much money with him, and the man with the stake who was searching him uttered an oath at the small amount of change heContinue reading “In His Steps, Reading #46”

In His Steps, Reading #45

In His Steps Chapter 26   Meanwhile, Nazareth Avenue Church was experiencing something never known before in all its history. The simple appeal on the part of its pastor to his members to do as Jesus would do had created a sensation that still continued. The result of that appeal was very much the sameContinue reading “In His Steps, Reading #45”