In His Steps, Reading #36

Two months went by. They were full of action and of results in the city of Raymond and especially in the First Church. In spite of the approaching heat of the summer season, the after-meeting of the disciples who had made the pledge to do as Jesus would do, continued with enthusiasm and power. GrayContinue reading “In His Steps, Reading #36”

In His Steps, Reading #35

In His Steps Chapter 17 The next day she went down to the NEWS office to see Edward Norman and arrange the details of her part in the establishment of the paper on its new foundation. Mr. Maxwell was present at this conference, and the three agreed that whatever Jesus would do in detail asContinue reading “In His Steps, Reading #35”

In His Steps, Reading #34

“By the way, what has become of Jasper Chase?” Virginia asked the question innocently, but Rachel flushed and Virginia added with a smile, “I suppose he is writing another book. Is he going to put you into this one, Rachel? You know I always suspected Jasper Chase of doing that very thing in his firstContinue reading “In His Steps, Reading #34”

In His Steps, Reading #33

In His Steps Chapter 16   No one in all Raymond, including the Rectangle, felt Loreen’s death more keenly than Virginia. It came like a distinct personal loss to her. That short week while the girl had been in her home had opened Virginia’s heart to a new life. She was talking it over withContinue reading “In His Steps, Reading #33”