In His Steps, Reading #40

In His Steps Chapter 21   “Master, I will follow Thee whithersoever Thou goest.” The Saturday afternoon matinee at the Auditorium in Chicago was just over and the usual crowd was struggling to get to its carriage before any one else. The Auditorium attendant was shouting out the numbers of different carriages and the carriageContinue reading “In His Steps, Reading #40”

In His Steps, Reading #39

In His Steps Chapter 20   “But I am prolonging this letter, possibly to your weariness. I am unable to avoid the feeling of fascination which my entire stay here has increased. I want to tell you something of the meeting in the First Church today. “As I said, I heard Maxwell preach. At hisContinue reading “In His Steps, Reading #39”

In His Steps, Reading #38

In His Steps Chapter 19   Letter from Rev. Calvin Bruce, D.D., Nazareth Avenue Church, Chicago, to Rev. Philip A. Caxton, D.D., New York City. “My Dear Caxton: “It is late Sunday night, but I am so intensely awake and so overflowing with what I have seen and heard that I feel driven to writeContinue reading “In His Steps, Reading #38”

In His Steps, Reading #37

In His Steps Chapter 18 “What is that to thee? Follow thou me.”   When Rollin started down the street the afternoon that Jasper stood looking out of his window he was not thinking of Rachel Winslow and did not expect to see her anywhere. He had come suddenly upon her as he turned intoContinue reading “In His Steps, Reading #37”