In His Steps, Reading #45

In His Steps Chapter 26   Meanwhile, Nazareth Avenue Church was experiencing something never known before in all its history. The simple appeal on the part of its pastor to his members to do as Jesus would do had created a sensation that still continued. The result of that appeal was very much the sameContinue reading “In His Steps, Reading #45”

In His Steps, Reading #44

In His Steps Chapter 25   Three months had gone by since the Sunday morning when Dr. Bruce came into his pulpit with the message of the new discipleship. They were three months of great excitement in Nazareth Avenue Church. Never before had Rev. Calvin Bruce realized how deep the feeling of his members flowed.Continue reading “In His Steps, Reading #44”

In His Steps, Reading #42

In His Steps Chapter 23   “I am just back from a visit to Raymond,” Dr. Bruce began, “and I want to tell you something of my impressions of the movement there.” He paused and his look went out over his people with yearning for them and at the same time with a great uncertaintyContinue reading “In His Steps, Reading #42”

In His Steps, Reading #41

In His Steps Chapter 22   Felicia started off to the play not very happy, but she was familiar with that feeling, only sometimes she was more unhappy than at others. Her feeling expressed itself tonight by a withdrawal into herself. When the company was seated in the box and the curtain had gone upContinue reading “In His Steps, Reading #41”