“Let’s Trade Your Salvation” by Isaac Air Freight

Episode: “Let’s Trade Your Salvation”

Isaac Air Freight was a Christian comedy team first formed in 1976. It originally consisted of three people, Dave Toole, Dan Rupple, and Larry Watt. Watt left after the release of their first album. He was replaced by Mitch Teemley, who largely did serious or “good guy” parts, for the second and third albums. (Watt and Teemley did not contribute to the writing. After leaving Isaac Air Freight, Teemley formed the team Mitch & Allen for which he wrote as well as acted.)

Rupple and Toole released five more Isaac Air Freight albums. The last of these, Over Our Heads (1987), featured contributions from members of Christian rock band Daniel Amos.

Comedy is not our usual fare here on BB, and maybe that should change.  IAF brought a slightly more sophistication to the Church theater or skit scene.  They inspired a lot of believers to work in the creative arts.  In some sense I suppose you could describe them as a Christian version of Monty Python, but that isn’t a real good analogy either.

Here at BB we have the Contemporary Christian Music Index.  It is a link that opens up early Christian music of the 70s-80s.  You’ll find this index (which is constantly growing,  https://brokenbelievers.com/?s=CCM



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  1. I still have a couple of their albums on vinyl. Me and my brothers used to get a real kick out of IAR, particularly their version of Bonanza.


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