Jesus Is Pretty Big

Jesus is pretty big. Among a few other things He created the genome, our minds, the human body, the realms of quantum mechanics and the cosmos, the plant and animal kingdoms, the earth and its ecosystems and matter in its myriad forms. Perchance you’re tempted to think you have His mind you may want to review that list.

Jesus is bigger than the US federal government, all the combined national governments, the weather, the magnetic orientation of the earth, our expanding universe, New York abortion laws, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, pornography, international boundaries, cancer, gender confusion, genocide, and evil.

And He still reaches out for the weak and needy. His hands were ‘pierced’ for you.

I hope my point is self evident.

Your brother,


3 thoughts on “Jesus Is Pretty Big”

  1. I am receiving unwanted emails with your new posts in them. When I try to unsubcribe, there doesn’t seem to be an appropriate option. This happened before, too.


  2. Thank you. That’s exactly what Scripture tells us, that all things were made through Him. To really understand. . .we can only realize that we don’t understand a Creative Mind that BIG. I almost laughed and almost cried. I want to share this with other believers who will understand, but there have been times I was also so SMALL that I could have read this and quibbled and not understood. I think these words were meant for me today. I think I don’t know who else they are meant for so I will trust the mind of Christ to spread them around and not even try. My job(s) today involve doing other things for me and my family–like finding a new dentist. And thinking about which college (if any) might be right for one of our three. I will content myself for now knowing that I believe and have my own little tasks to keep me going as I try and fail to understand that kind of Love.


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