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Listen For His Voice

“The next time you find yourself alone in a dark alley facing the undeniables of life, don’t cover them with a blanket, or ignore them with a nervous grin. Don’t turn up the TV and pretend they aren’t there. Instead, stand still, whisper his name, and listen. He is nearer than you think.”

–Max Lucado

Father God, please teach me to pray when life is dark and I am all alone. Forgive me for not seeking you first. Lead me through these trials. I know you will never forsake me or leave me alone.  Amen.




1 thought on “Listen For His Voice”

  1. I am right know in a dark place feeling so alone just not being able to pray,etc, but reading this that Jesus is nearer than I can think, it is so sweet to hear this!
    Thank you Pastor Bryan!


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