Two O’ Clock in the Morning Poetry, #3

Middle Parts of Fortune, by Frederic Manning “The air was alive with the rush and flutter of wings; it was ripped by screaming shells, hissing like tons of molten metal plunging suddenly into water, there was the blast and concussion of their explosion, men smashed, obliterated in sudden eruptions of earth, rent and strewn in bloodyContinue reading “Two O’ Clock in the Morning Poetry, #3”

In Case of Emergency…

If you have to go to war, you may find yourselves facing an enemy army that is bigger than yours and that has horses and chariots. But don’t be afraid! The LORD your God rescued you from Egypt, and he will help you fight.  Deut. 20:1 Provision is being made for this inevitability.  As aContinue reading “In Case of Emergency…”

A List of Alaskans Who Died in the Vietnam War

I would like to post this list of the KIA during the Vietnam War.  This is a complete list of everyone who died from Alaska in combat during this difficult time.  We can question this war, but we cannot challenge or impugn their honor and sacrifice.  I intend to do this, on Memorial Day, 2011.Continue reading “A List of Alaskans Who Died in the Vietnam War”

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