A Prayer of St. Anselm

A prayer of St. Anselm Lord Jesus Christ; Let me seek you by desiring you, and let me desire you by seeking you; let me find you by loving you, and love you in finding you. I confess, Lord, with thanksgiving, that you have made me in your image, so that I can remember you,Continue reading “A Prayer of St. Anselm”

A Wing and a Prayer– Thomas Merton

 How close God is to us when we come to recognize and to accept our abjection and to cast our care entirely upon Him!  Against all human expectation He sustains us when we need to be sustained …  Hope is always just about to turn into despair, but never does so, for at the moment ofContinue reading “A Wing and a Prayer– Thomas Merton”

BB Thoughts for Saturday, 11-14-09

“The Lord afflicts us at times; but it is always a thousand times less than we deserve, and much less than many of our fellow-creatures are suffering around us. Let us therefore pray for grace to be humble, thankful, and patient.”    John Newton (1725-1807) Rambling thoughts….  For the person who believes, this can be a realContinue reading “BB Thoughts for Saturday, 11-14-09”

The Jesus Prayer, Prayer Beads, & Personal Revival

The Lord moves in mysterious ways.  As a good evangelical, I never thought I would be using prayer beads and saying the Jesus Prayer.  It started when an old friend decided he wanted to make me a set of beads.  It surprised me, but I said, “Why not?” In my thinking, I laid down a singleContinue reading “The Jesus Prayer, Prayer Beads, & Personal Revival”