CCM Spotlight on Lamb

  The Sacrifice Lamb – Joel Chernoff  (Lamb), 1972 Some early album cover art: Lamb, “I will talk to my brothers” 1978 Album, “Songs for the Flock” Lamb is a contemporary Christian musical duo from the 1970s through the early 1990s. The duo was Joel Chernoff and Ted Pearce who was replaced by Rick ‘Levi’Continue reading “CCM Spotlight on Lamb”

CCM Classic Spotlight on DeGarmo & Key

 “Long Distance Runner” by DeGarmo & Key from the album “No Turning Back:Live,” 1982, Lion & Lamb Records   You are a long distance runner You can feel the pain in your side Yet you must run on You are a long distance runner Keep your face in the wind And you’ll soon be homeContinue reading “CCM Classic Spotlight on DeGarmo & Key”

CCM Classic Spotlight on Ken Medema

“Mr. Simon,” Click the youtube link Ken Medema (born December 7, 1943 as Kenneth Peter Medema in Grand Rapids, Michigan) is a composer–singer–songwriter who has been performing in the United States, Canada, and Europe for more than thirty years. Ken Medema was born almost blind; his eyes let him tell light from shadow and lookContinue reading “CCM Classic Spotlight on Ken Medema”

Classic CCM Spotlight on Larry Norman

Song, “I Wish We Had All Been Ready” Larry David Norman (April 8, 1947 – February 24, 2008[1]) was an American Christian musician, singer, songwriter, record label owner, record producer, writer, playwright, actor, photographer, and humorist, who is credited as “a key figure in the development of contemporary Christian music“,[2] “the most significant artist inContinue reading “Classic CCM Spotlight on Larry Norman”