Empty, Broken, Here I Stand [Kyrie Eleison]

Quite a few years ago, I journeyed from off the beaten path in Alaska to Cambridge, England. It was there I somehow found myself on the streets talking to myself; alone, disoriented and quite lost. It was June of 2002 and I had just been released from a mental hospital in Alaska, and was under the … Continue reading Empty, Broken, Here I Stand [Kyrie Eleison]

A Stranger to Your Holiness

Below are the lyrics to a CCM song that I listened to over and over, circa 1982-83. The album is Steve Camp's, "Shake Me to Wake Me", and there are several songs of reasonable significance on it.  Unfortunately, I no longer have a copy, if you should find one, I'd be happy to take it … Continue reading A Stranger to Your Holiness

CCM Spotlight on Bob Bennett

"Lord, of the Past" Bob Bennett makes superb music, which simply brings us into a wonderful place.  This song in particular, ignites something inside, and brings us to a side of the cross, that somehow we've not yet seen.  I really hope you will make room to listen to this, and maybe, just listen to all his … Continue reading CCM Spotlight on Bob Bennett

CCM Classic Spotlight on Ken Medema

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtb-87bD09U&list=PLZR6aM-MDj2zm1jEF7c58C5l6Tj0z_yop&feature=share&index=170 "Mr. Simon," Click the youtube link Ken Medema (born December 7, 1943 as Kenneth Peter Medema in Grand Rapids, Michigan) is a composer–singer–songwriter who has been performing in the United States, Canada, and Europe for more than thirty years. Ken Medema was born almost blind; his eyes let him tell light from shadow and … Continue reading CCM Classic Spotlight on Ken Medema