CCM Classic Spotlight–Dallas Holm

Indeed a classic CCM from the Broken Believer music library.  This man has had a long run of over 40 years of music ministry.  His song, “Rise Again” took over the CCM charts for several months, winning the Dove Awards best song of the year in 1977. Rise Again Lyrics musician: Dallas Holm & PraiseContinue reading “CCM Classic Spotlight–Dallas Holm”

Early CCM Spotlight– Wendy & Mary, Again

*****   “Welcome Home,” Just really felt I wanted to imprint these guys on to your heart.  There is value in letting music like this to saturate your heart.  I must tell you, seldom has there been a duo like this, with their acoustic guitars, robust lyrics and angelic voices.  I hope that YouTube will doContinue reading “Early CCM Spotlight– Wendy & Mary, Again”

Early CCM- Spotlight on Nancy Honeytree

*****    Another incredible blast from the past.  “Rattle Me, Shake Me.”  This is one of the best from one of CCMs greatest–Nancy Honeytree.  I think I can date this about 1974. Of course, I hope that it blesses, and gives you another layer to our simple faith.  Honeytree was a definite force in theContinue reading “Early CCM- Spotlight on Nancy Honeytree”

Early CCM: Spotlight on Evie

***** “Clean Before My Lord.”  This is a song by Evie, c. 1975.  It carries potent memories, as she was a major artist in Contemporary Christian Music.  This particular song, “Clean Before My Lord,”  is just coming out of the “Jesus Movement“, and it carries an innocence and a clarity that is rare today. I sincerelyContinue reading “Early CCM: Spotlight on Evie”