CCM Classic Spotlight on DeGarmo & Key

 “Long Distance Runner” by DeGarmo & Key from the album “No Turning Back:Live,” 1982, Lion & Lamb Records

You are a long distance runner
You can feel the pain in your side
Yet you must run on
You are a long distance runner
Keep your face in the wind
And you’ll soon be home
I can see the strain on your face
Keep your eye on the goal and you’ll win the race
Up from the gun – you are no sprinter
The soles of your feet are on fire
Yet you must run on
You came to run – that’s why you entered
So put one foot in front of another
‘Till your race is won
I can see the strain on your face
Keep your eye on the goal and you’ll win the race
You are a long distance runner
When others are falling away
Your race begins
You are a long distance runner
The Spirit that strengthens your soul
Will ensure that you win

DeGarmo & Key was a Christian Rock group that started professionally in 1978. The primary members were Eddie DeGarmo and Dana Key. Eddie played keyboards and sang background vocals (and occasionally lead), while Dana played lead guitar and did the majority of the lead vocals. Other members included Tommy Cathey on bass and Greg Morrow on drums. The group’s music was of the pop and rock genres. Their best known songs are: Destined to Win (also the title of their 1992’s early “best of” album: Destined to Win), Let the Whole World Sing, Six, Six, Six, Boycott Hell, Every Moment, and Casual Christian. Also most noted for their 1986 album “Streetlight”, their 1987 album D&K, and their 1989 album “The Pledge”. See Discography for more info Other notable musicians who have recorded and/or toured with DeGarmo & Key include:Kenny Porter(bass), Kevin Rodell (drums), Chuck Reynolds (drums), Steve Taylor (guitar) (not related to another Steve Taylor, also a popular CCM artist) and Mark Pogue (guitar).

Eddie and Dana have individually recorded solo albums.

During Spring 2007 Dana and Eddie received the ASCAP Vision Award at the 29th Annual ASCAP Christian Music Awards.

Dana Key and Eddie DeGarmo reunited to do a concert on October 21, 2007 at TLC Church in Cordova, Tennessee.

DeGarmo and Key played at the 2008 Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, Illinois.

Dana Key died on June 6, 2010 from complications associated with a blood clot; although he had previous health problems, his death was unexpected.

The duo has been selected for the Gospel Music Association’s Hall of Fame, and is scheduled for induction in January 2011.


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