Dear Bryan,
The Holy Spirit inspired me to write this poem. Please share it with your readers if you think it would help them. God is amazing.
God bless you,
Mary Ann Russell, (a reader)

Lost & Found 

I used to think one bullet, would take the pain away. 
Take care of all my problems. Save me from another day.

Yet it was a nail that saved me,when they nailed you to a tree. 
Your grace & mercy changed my life, for all eternity. 

Both betrayed by ones we loved, purposed in God’s great plan.
To get me on God’s path again, You, to take on the sins of man. 

Confronted by enemies in the middle of the night,
You gave in gracefully while I had just begun to fight. 

To fight the fight of faith,to lead others to You,
What the enemy meant for harm, gave me faith anew.

You deflected that single bullet, with love & hope abound.
I found a new reason for living. I will never be kept down. 

I will raise your name in glory while picking up my cross.
My salvation is my victory & the devil’s loss. 

 ~M. A. Russell
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