CCM Spotlight on Kelly Willard

Her music has always blessed.  She has a voice of an angel.  She was with the Maranatha Singers.  Two albums I can vouch for–the first “Blame It On the One I Love.”  The other being “Willing Heart.”  They are both pretty old though so not sure you can find them. Her website: A BrokenBelieversContinue reading “CCM Spotlight on Kelly Willard”

The Miracle of Polaroid

I can distinctly remember seeing my first “instant” photo develop.  It was back in the dark ages of 1972.  It was a miracle!  Up to that time, you took pictures, but you had to wait a time for them to be processed.  It was an assumption that after a week you would finally receive thoseContinue reading “The Miracle of Polaroid”

Five of the Greatest Sites Ever *

    “The Teacher sought to find just the right words  to express truths clearly.”  Eccl. 12:10, NLT   I came across these and wanted very much to share them with anyone interested in some extracurricular reading.  I have hand-picked these out of hundreds of possible posts.  I know these will be a blessing. There is somewhatContinue reading “Five of the Greatest Sites Ever *”