White Flag Christianity

“So I brought him to Your disciples, but they could not cure him.” Matthew 17:16   Failure is hardly an option in our minds, for we know that Jesus Christ has shared his power with us.  But if we are honest we must admit to moments when we can’t do what Jesus can do.  WeContinue reading “White Flag Christianity”

The Story Behind the Story, of “In His Steps”

by Chuck Neighbors A book that may have changed more lives than any other outside of the Bible has a fascinating history. In His Steps is a novel written by Charles M. Sheldon in 1896. As it celebrates the one hundredth anniversary of its publication, experts have ranked it as the tenth-most-read book in theContinue reading “The Story Behind the Story, of “In His Steps””

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

  Pray for the Church in Ireland today!  Ask the Lord to raise up pastors and elders that will be faithful to His word and to His flock.  Pray for Christian believers in Ireland who are afflicted with mental illness and chronic depression.  Pray for those who struggle with chemical dependence. For more information, andContinue reading “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”

Just One Step Ahead

“Life here feels like you were just left off here one day, with no instruction manual, and no idea of what you were supposed to do; how to fit in; how to find a day’s relief from the anxiety, how to keep your beloved alive; how to stay one step ahead of abyss.” Anne LamottContinue reading “Just One Step Ahead”