Ministering to Yourself, [Self-Encouragement]

The Psalms are a classical example of self encouragement. The writer sometimes fell in to some moments of depression and he would write encouraging words to uplift his spirit. Today these have become encouragement verses or scriptures for us to emulate. Read Psalm 42. It is somewhat an unusual portion of scripture, in as theContinue reading “Ministering to Yourself, [Self-Encouragement]”

Is it Wrong to Get Angry with God?

Interview with Dr. Billy Graham Q: Is it wrong to get angry at God? I’ve beten through some very hard times recently and I feel like God has let me down. I’d like to get past this, I guess, but right now I can’t help feeling angry at God. A: The real question is this:Continue reading “Is it Wrong to Get Angry with God?”

Classic CCM Spotlight–Steve Camp

Looks like the boy’s in trouble again Living much too close to the edge of sin Now he finds himself where he should not have been Oh, God, why is your peace so hard to find And the answer to the questions that haunt my mind? Oh, Lord, your ways are not like mineAnd itContinue reading “Classic CCM Spotlight–Steve Camp”