The Blood: A Crash Course

I believe there are three things contained in the Blood of Jesus – forgiveness, deliverance and protection. Many Christians only know about the first one – forgiveness. They have no idea that there are two other things available to them that will enable them to live a victorious and overcoming life in the Lord whileContinue reading “The Blood: A Crash Course”

DOA: How Faith Killed My Faith in Atheism

(In this essay, writer Lee Strobel offers his defense of Easter.) It was the worst news I could get as an atheist: my agnostic wife had decided to become a Christian. Two words shot through my mind. The first was an expletive; the second was “divorce.” I thought she was going to turn into aContinue reading “DOA: How Faith Killed My Faith in Atheism”

Dealing with the Ultimate Fear?

When I was a boy I was terrified of death.  The very thought of being six feet deep in a small box, with maggots, rottenness and decay terrorized me.  I also had an incredible fear that someone would make a mistake and that I would wake up entombed in a buried coffin.  Just thinking about it nowContinue reading “Dealing with the Ultimate Fear?”

CCM Classic Spotlight–Dallas Holm

Indeed a classic CCM from the Broken Believer music library.  This man has had a long run of over 40 years of music ministry.  His song, “Rise Again” took over the CCM charts for several months, winning the Dove Awards best song of the year in 1977. Rise Again Lyrics musician: Dallas Holm & PraiseContinue reading “CCM Classic Spotlight–Dallas Holm”