7 thoughts on “Anxiety Stole My Personality – for a Season

  1. Thank you Melanie for sharing your story. I recently went on medical leave from work due to daily brain pain from past car accident head trauma. I also struggle with ptsd. I keep worrying that I’m not doing the right thing by going on leave but living right now is so painful and I applied for ssda to help. I think its just the anxiety making me second guess my choices because it has been tough financially. I really need help as my illness has progressed to where I cannot handle weekend visits with my twelve year old daughter. I lack support and have just recently began attending church. Can you pray for my family and I. I want so much to get better. Thank you so much. Abby


  2. I had a similar experience, having to leave my long term career as a doctor due to anxiety and depression. I’m not completely symptom-free, but much better, and now not on any meds. I’ve been learning how to manage anxiety, and have had to relearn trust in God. Thank you for your encouraging words, it helps to know others have come through similar things, and I believe the Lord is going to bless you so much in the future. I’m now studying theology, and working towards becoming a health care chaplain, so that I can hopefully use my experiences to benefit others.
    Sometimes it is necessary to let go of something that has been a blessing in the past (even if others might not fully understand your decision) in order to let the Lord shape the future for His glory,
    lots of love and blessings to you xx

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    1. I love how you worded your last sentence – “Sometimes it is necessary to let go of something that has been a blessing in the past…” That’s exactly what it was. Thank you.


  3. Dear Melanie,

    This is so beautiful! I am a Christian and I struggle with OCD, depression, and anxiety and my meds and cognitive behavioral therapy and prayer have worked for me. But at times, my mental illness has made me feel like a failure and worthless, especially because my oldest son says that my mental illness prevented me from being a responsible mom; however, I took care of them the best I knew how AND I even homeschooled. My husband has sometimes put me down and not taken me seriously, but he’s gotten better, when I’ve been assertive with him. God bless you.

    With love,

    Debbie Deane


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    1. I’m sorry to hear about people “supporting” your feelings of failure. It is freeing to know Christ has clothed you in righteousness. Thank you for the response.


  4. Hang in there, Melanie. Your writing skills and the lessons you are learning are going to be water and air and life to others! Indeed, God is up to something GOOD through this! Hugs!!

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