My Health at This Moment, Sunday, March 10

Follow-up. It’s Sunday morning here in Alaska. We survived already this morning– DST, an earthquake, dog poop on the carpet, and snow, and it’s not even noon yet. (Can’t wait to see what the afternoon will bring.) I had my appointment Friday, and my doctor was blown away. My Bell’s Palsy is diminished by aboutContinue reading “My Health at This Moment, Sunday, March 10”

Trial and Error (and Maybe Some Fire?)

I’m personally convinced that living life is all about “trial and error.” We seem to be working out some holy experiment. More orthodox people call it discipleship, but that really isn’t the whole truth. It seems we are working it out in a spiritual lab keeping the good (like humility) and tossing the bad (like selfishness.)Continue reading “Trial and Error (and Maybe Some Fire?)”

A List of Alaskans Who Died in the Vietnam War

I would like to post this list of the KIA during the Vietnam War.  This is a complete list of everyone who died from Alaska in combat during this difficult time.  We can question this war, but we cannot challenge or impugn their honor and sacrifice.  I intend to do this, on Memorial Day, 2011.Continue reading “A List of Alaskans Who Died in the Vietnam War”